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Need Help Mr. Wendler. Back from Suicide Trip. Mission: New Life.

Hello Jim / Mr. Wendler,

My name is Helmut, I´m 29 years old and I´m from Germany. The last 8 years I have several massive health issues and serious illness problems with deep depressions through all that shit! In May last year I was done and I seriously thought about to finish my life, go away and let all the pain behind me because I did not see any way out!

Long story short, I want to come back but I need your help please. Before I got sick I started training with your first 5/3/1 book. I have all your books, from the first edition upon to the forever, but to be honest, the first book is the true and original 531 book and I got great and massive results!

There is no doubt, your 531 program work and until these days, I never had a question. I always did the program as it was written. I don´t want to blame anyone but I never understand why so many people always find something to ask? No matter if it’s about accessory work, sets, reps etc.

I mean how many decades, how much knowledge, effort, experience and time you invested in your principals. You share everything in your books, on the blog, forum etc. and if you say do this amount of sets and this amount of reps with this accessory work, then there is no question for me! If Mr. Jim Wendler said that, I will do that!

What I want to say here is that I respect your work and I appreciate what you are doing day in and day out! Don’t get me wrong and no homo here and I also don’t want to flatter you, but you are a really big inspiration and mentor!

Today I implore you to help me please!

As I said I want to come back and I want to start training again. Through all the sickness I lost 75 pounds (I’m 6.3 tall) When I trained with your 531 I weighed 230 pounds and I was pretty strong and not fat!!! Right now I weigh 156 pounds and I’m weak as fuck. A few weeks ago I was not able to carry a full shopping bag. I lost a lot of muscle, especially in my lower body.

So I need a serious plan to come back. The barbell is too heavy. I thought I will start with bodyweight, kettlebells, bands, trx, weight vest, rower, that’s the equipment I have access to besides the barbell.

I did a little bit of research and I already heard about your WALRUS “Program”. I want/need a program like the WALRUS program. A structured simple program where I can progress very very slow. A program where I can do three times a week (mo/we/fr) for a few months with the equipment I listed above. Can you help me out here?

You said the WALRUS program is a very comprehensive program. Which possibilities I have to get the complete WALRUS program? Sure, I don’t want to pick your brain for free, so there is absolutely no question that I will pay for it.

My only wish is a honest answer from Mr. Jim Wendler himself. And if it is really possible to get access to the WALRUS program, please let me know what I have to do to get it. As I said, there is no question about it that I want it for free!!!

I will thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help and your effort and simply for this, that you read this text!

I know (and I think everybody else too) how busy you are and how many inquiry’s and questions you get and you have to know that I expect nothing, but if you have the opportunity to help me by my mission to get my life back, I will absolutely appreciate that and sincerely thank you!

Thank you very much for everything!
Best regards


Sorry for my bad english but I´m still learning

Google: Walrus Jim Wendler and click on the elitefts link. There’s a video and at 6:40 in, he talks about the Walrus Challenge. I’m not sure if you’re referring to this but it might help you out till Mr.Wendler responds.

Cheers to a speedy recovery

I believe you might be referring to the WALRUS challenge in the 531 Forever book. I don’t feel I have the right to list it here, since I don’t know if Jim’s made it available on-line, but the basics are that it’s a bodyweight circuit done with a weight vest. It is usually to complement a barbell program, where this replaces some or all of the assistance work.

Good luck on your recovery.

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hello and thank you very much for responding to my post. I already saw the whole “jim wendler ugss presentation” and I know the part where he talks about the WALRUS program but I have no idea how I should plan this type of training in a way that it make sense, cover all aspects of training and not taxing my body too much. how many times I should do it etc. but thank you very much for your tipps and information! thank you!

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hello and thank you very much for responding to my post and your effort to help me out! I have the 531 Forever book and I can´t find anything about the WALRUS challenge? Do you mean the assistance-work program for the beginner-prep-school program on page 42? Is this the WALRUS program? thank you very much for your help!!!

Under the Wendler Classic, read page 194 and forward

good for you trucker for making an effort to turn your life around. best of luck to you