Need Help, Might Quit? 7 Weeks In

What helped you manage it the best?

Keeping yourself busy, excercise, running, anything to release endorphins.

You can also get medical treatment. Meds work well but comd with side effects too. Counseling helps some, but if you really want treatment go to a good psychologist.
I’ve literally tried almost every med there is before I found the best one for me.
Feel free to message me about it.

I’d taper down the test, half, half, half, none.

Stop caffine and any other stimulating stuff.
Start going for runs, even just a half mile. It really helps your mind clear.

Talk to your wife and friends, you’d be surprised how many people have the same shit. Many hide it out of shame or some bs. But just even talking about it to someone, like this post even, helps.

There’s a lot out there regarding stress reduction techniques; most is BS and only works in a perfect world. This is something to talk to a psychiatrist or at least your GP about. Probably not an endo or a TRt center. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that all this started right when you went through a really stressful time. Stress poisons every cell in your body and wreaks havoc on hormones.

What country are you in?

I’m in america

Yeah that’s kinda what I’m learning. I didn’t feel stressed but obviously my body was and yanked my t levels, which then opened my mind to anxeity. I don’t think I needed T I just need coping techniques, but I’m 7 weeks in now so I’m gonna ride it out.

Yeah I’ve opened up to everybody about it. And it does help to talk, and wayyy more people than I thought were experiencing anxiety.

As far as meds, I tried lexapro for 6 days man it was rough and I was only taking half dose. I’ve cut out all coffee and don’t even drink soda. Don’t smoke or drink alcohol. I don’t work out because I’ve been so busy but I think that’s part of my problem. I never took time for myself leading up to this. I was just literally always working

Yeah I have a low end shbg, so I’m hoping 3x a week injections will level me out some and my body will figure out how to use the new stuff better

As someone who has dealt with anxiety whatever protocol u try stick with at least 8 weeks or longer , the more often u change protocols the more ur body is thrown out of wack . I finally learned this after a horrible bout of anxiety due to constantly changing stuff

I call BS on some of this giving it time and 8 week nonsense. I know people will disagree but within a few weeks you should able to see where your protocol is headed. What I mean by that it can only get better if it’s working and can only get worse if it’s not. I call complete and utter BS on a very contrasting feeling as if I am going to feel like utter garbage and crap on one protocol after 3-4 weeks but oh in 8 weeks all of a sudden a switch will be hit for me to feel like a god.

Well I’m 7 weeks into one shot a week and not feeling the best so I’m willing to try upping the frequency

How long did it take you to find your protocol?

If ur not prone to anxiety I agree100 % my brother also is on trt and has no problem when switching or changing , I can only speak for myself but not being patient and changing frequently def gets my anxiety going , it’s like a constant fight flight feeling

Splitting it up def helps , I’ve tried everything and settled on twice weekly

Did you try every other day?

I did , probably felt the best on every day but just got old after several months of it .

Every body is different but every day or every other day even with insulin needles got to be a hassle

Low-T is a hassle, a struggle. Pick your poison.


Have to agree with this. For all the guys I know in real life, protocol changes never have a negative effect then suddenly they feel better. They either feel better than their original protocol in a couple of weeks or they don’t. Its almost like if TRT works for you it works, and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. I’ve never seen anyone magically get better anywhere online by tweaking by 10mg increments and moving doses up from 2 to 3 times a week and waiting several months to have it magically click one day.

It just honestly doesn’t make sense. If in 3 weeks or what ever less time than 8 weeks you start feeling worse then before then things will only get worse, if better then only even better.

There is a serious game of semantics at play here and “feeling off” or just stating any different feeling is “not so good”. When I felt like utter crap 3 weeks into a protocol change, and I mean like CRAP, things were only worse months later.

One thing is starting your first time ever protocol and never been on T, but to act like switching protocols won’t kind of hint to you how will feel months later is just nonsensical.

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