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Need Help. Low T

I want to introduce myself, share my experience and hopefully someone can pin point what is going on with me.

I�??m 42, 6 feet 1 inch tall and weigh 200 lbs with body fat between 10-12 percent. Two years ago I was able to run 3-5 miles easy and ran a few half marathons. Now I struggle to run a mile. I gone from benching 225 8-12 times and now only 4-5 times. Recently my arms and legs feel extremely fatigue most parts of the day. After my workouts (4 days a week) I�??m sore for 2-3 days, two years ago it was almost unheard of me to feel the soreness. I started Welbutrin a couple of weeks ago and hoping this will help my hopelessness. I�??m depressed because of the way I feel, not home life or work. I tied AndroGel last year for a month but did not feel much better. I absord the gel just fine because my test results showed my T levels went up over 800 and as expected my LH and FSH dropped.

I found a new Endo last month and he ran some numbers which I listed below. He started me back on the gel. I feel a little better but still feel the same weakness in the limbs especially in my thighs. I would like to know if this is normal for low T and is the gel the answer. How long does it take to see improvement.

Total T 334 250-1100 ng/dL
T, Free 33.4 L 46.0-224 pg/mL
T, Bioavailable 70.2 L 110.0-575.0 ng/dL
SHGB 44 (high normal) 9-45 nmol/L
Alubumin Serum 4.6 3.6-5.1 g/dL
FSH 1.5 L 1.6-8.0 mIU/mL
LH 2.7 1.5-9.3 mIU/mL
T-4, Free 1.1 0.8-1.8ng/dL
TSH 3rd gen. 2.00 0.40-4.50 mIU/L
Vitamin B12 700 200-1100 pg/mL
Folate. Serum >24.0 greater than 5.4 normal
Glucose 96 65-99 mg/dL

I had other things that were tested, CBC etc all normal�?� and he would not test for estradiol because he said I do not display any of the symptoms.

Many thanks to all

With your Free T and Bioavailable T being very low, and your SHBG being high, I recommend you get an E2 test somehow, and soon.
Since your T is bound up, you will feel even worse than just having low numbers. Your doctor is missing the point by not testing for E2.
IMHO, copy and print out posts by KSman, and go to Dr. Crislers’ website and copy his protocols too, and take them to your doctor. If he won’t budge, self-medicate for E2 like the vast majority of guys here with doctors that don’t “get it”.

I see him again May 16. I will do the printouts and present the findings to him.

I also thought about having my E2 tested with a wed site that does blood work. Is there one the is highly recommended?

I do have the liquid form to combact E2 that I ordered off a wed site that was mentioned here. I don’t recall the exact name…maybe someone can repost because what I have is over a year old.

Also, I have a MRI scheduled within a couple of weeks.

Your high SHBG is probably the expected result of E2 being too high. This is not expected with your low body fat.

Are you taking any statin drugs? That can lower C0Q10 levels and cause muscle pain… really bad for the heart too. You can test for C0Q10 serum levels or just take the capsules.
I would like to see your cholesterol #'s
Just for fun, get some CoQ10, 50mg, and start right now. The effect on your muscles is good data. If no effect, you did not have a severe lack of CoQ10. If muscles improve… you have a diagnosis. Take 100mg a day for the first week, then down to 50. Do not take oil based supplements with high fiber meals!

Your LH is low, consistent with a pituitary tumor or lesion. Did you have a blow to the head in a time period before this all started?

Your LH and T can be low if E is inhibiting the HPTA. Need that serum E2 test

LEF.org has blood work on sale until June 2. Very low prices for members.

You also need PSA tested and a DRE before TRT.

It would be good to have CRP and homocysteine numbers to check for other things going wrong. Your muscle pain suggests looking deeper. If pituitary issues are suspected, check prolactin… that can lower T and kill libido.

Did you use that liquid adex and have you been using it? Need to know as this would impact your labs.

Another effect if higher E2 levels not so high when T is low, is an enlarged prostate. Do you have any urine flow problems at all? During your DRE, the size can be evaluated. Get the size explained and what that means. All the more reason to get you E2 monitored and controlled.

Alcohol and other drugs/meds/pathologies can alter liver function and can then reduce the clearance E from the body by the liver.


I take two medications for high blood pressure and a multi vitamin. My PSA was 2.4 (0.0-4.0)in January. My HDL 32 (27-58), LDL/HDL ratio 2.4 and Cholesterol 122.
Prolactin level from last April was 5.9 ng/mL (3.0-13.0)–tested again and waiting for results.

In 2003 my T-levels were 560 (241-827). In 2005 Serum T was 463 (241-827), Free+Weakly bound 21.1% and F+W Bound 97.7ng/dL (40.0-250.0). It seems my numbers were never off the chart just in mid range to begin with.

When I was a teenager I was blind sided, hit in the head with a stick and knocked unconsicous. Nothing unusual recently.

Five years ago I had a stress test which was normal, 24 hour heart monitor (normal) and an Echocardiogram which showed I had mild aortic valve desease…calcium build-up on my valve.I had a follow up six months ago with no changes and same results as previous. The heart doctor said it was nothing to worried about…it was normal as you get older but a little unusual for
my age.

I did order “estradiol” blood work through LEF yeasterday and I can do the others you recommended.I will post the results when they come in.

Im not sure what DRE is.

No urine problems.

I haven’t been using the liquid adex just have it on hand.

I’m also concerned about when you mentioned pituitary tumor or lesion. Is this something to be really concerned about.

Im one of the many that appreciate a great deal what you do for this forum…Thanks again.