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need help lose my stomach

hey eveyone having trouble with losing my gut have had it a while i workout a lot do lots of cardio, diet strict am 5’11 215, right at 17% body fat i fluctuate around 15-17% am lean in my legs chest when i do measureement cant get anything off chest and legs but abs are around 28.00 mm isnt bad but have done everything tried the diets on here eveybody says watch the calories its not just the cardio do that but still need help then say do high intensity cardio which i do

About that pesky midsection fat that you’ve “had awhile”, remember this: First on, last off. The fat you’ve had for a long time, will be the last to go.

What do you mean by, "diet strict"? What are you doing in the way of routine? Perhaps you need a change? Pick up your calories. Drop some cardio. Increase poundages. Maybe look into the 5x5 program? Oh, and maybe if you've been performing the same old 20/30-minutes of stationary bike or treadmill; could be time to switch to HIIT. Like sprints or jump rope.

Agree with Patricia. Could you describe exactly how much cardio? and what kind of diets you’ve used? There are many types of people out there that respond to many different ways of dieting. At first glance from reading your thread i already get the assumption your putting to much emphasise on cardio. What is your actual training like? Recently for fat loss, i am loving EDT, maybe you should give that a try? also i definitly agree with Patricia with the jumprope thing. I love doing night workouts a few times a week of jumprope interval training during cutting phases.