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Need Help, Labs Included

Long time lurker. First post.

49 Year old
Waist 31
Hard to grow beard and mustache. Normal body hair.
Small amount of fat on love handle area.
Major Depressive Disorder, High cholesterol. Slow voiding of urine.
Seroquel XR300mg, Wellbutrin XR300mg, Xanax as needed, Flomax and Fin 1mg
150 mg Test cyp.
Labs below.
Baby aspirin, zinc 50 mg, VitD3 5000iu Magnesium 400mg.
Paleo diet and daily intermittent fasting 16hrs fasting-8 eating.
Workouts 6 days a week with weights.
Morning wood since starting TRT.

Saw a Uro in early October. Had blood drawn for tests. Did a DRE (nothing felt). Set appointment for urodynamic testing. Came back in a week for urodynamic testing.
A week later came back to go over all results.Test level 321ng/dl (280-800ng/dl) ref range. PSA .08 (00-4.0) ref range. Slow voider. Went over a few symptoms,depression, becoming a reclusive, no morning wood, low sex drive.
Dr gave me a 400mg Test cyp injection. We setup a 2 week appointment for a followup shot of 200mg. Crashed on day 12-14 of second shot. Dr gave a script for 150mg test cyp weekly. I will list all shots I have had below to help in figuring out how my T and Free T have gotten so high.
10/16 400mg
10/30 200mg
11/13 200mg
11/19 60mg
11/22 70mg
11/24 blood work
11/26 70mg.

I need help to get in the right T range. I feel fine but don’t want to have such a high level. Thanks.

Lab results Drawn 11/24/14

SHBG 31 10-50 nmo1/L
IGF I, LC/MS 215 50-317 ng/ml
DHT 29 16-79 ng/dl
Hematocrit 41.4 38.5- 50.0%
Estradiol 33 < or = 39 pg/ml
PSA 0.2 < or = 4.0 ng/dl
TEST TOTAL LC/MS/MS 1415 high 250-1100 ng/dl
FREE TEST 359.4 high 35.0- 155.0 pg/ml

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Inject 50mg T twice per week.
Wait 3 weeks and do these labs:
Do labs 1/2 way between injections -ALWAYS

Ping me in the KSman is here thread with more data.

If you have TSH, T3, T4, fT3, fT4 data, post and ping me.

You’re about 33% over where you (maybe?) want to be. You’re on 150mg/week. 150*.33=50. Reduce intake by 50mg/week.

Clear it with your doc, but it seems to me that a 100mg/wk protocol might be more what you’re looking for. Your estradiol is a bit high. You should look into an A.I. as well, but just reducing the test you’re taking should pull the estrogen down a good bit.

Are you having an adverse reaction to your Test level or are you just uncomfortable with the high numbers? I’m just kind of curious.