Need Help Interpreting Labs

I am a newb to this site and TrT. I have spent 6 months lurking this site gathering information. I spent 9yrs active duty Marine from 96-05. I know the VA gets a bad rap for TrT. My VA endocrinologist is pretty awesome. I jumped threw all their hoops, 2 consecutive blood draws indicating low T.First blood draw, was a 234- range 250-1100. My second blood draw was in the range (258) but very bottom half. My first blood draw was 100 points lower than yours. I had an MRI done that came back negative. The Dr then started me on T shots right away. He offered the cream, and suggested against using the cream as I have kids not to mention the poor absorption rates.

He started me on .5 ml/200mg Test C a week. I found that put me into huge peaks and valleys and mood shifts. I am only now understanding how much change my body was really going and still going through. I went from around a 258 T to around 813 T but my E2 was high. So I cut my doses in half and now pin twice a week, every 3.5 days. My Free T is now at 241.9 on range of 46-224. My mood, brain fog, lethargy, motivation, morale, has been continuously been getting better.

I have had nothing but an amazing experience from my Endos and his staff. Not to mention everything is shipped to my door and free. I keep a journal of how I felt, dosages and dates/times along with anything else that may be related. I went through the honey moon phase and now I believe I am actually starting to get back to feeling good.

TLDR: Not all Dr’s are bad, even some VA endos are amazing. .5ml a week has me low 800’s with no HcG or AI’s.

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Welcome Newbvet, Good read. Congrats on getting back to normal.

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@KSman @systemlord
or anyone more knowledgeable than me know if having only one testical would effect HCG dosage? Just something I have been thinking about…

Do you think getting HCG from the VA would even be an option?

HCG is off label for TRT, no way would the VA pay for it. When pigs fly.

I am not sure in your case. My Dr asked me about my situation, if I wanted more kids. I already have 2 so I am good there. It might not even be necessary. If you start TrT and you notice your balls shrinking or pulling tight, you can always call and describe symptoms to get help. If you want kids then of course disclose that ahead of time. Balls shrinkage and pulling up close could mess with some egos which could cause other problems such as lowered confidence and self image. I am happy to just be getting back to feeling normal.

I thought it was best to get my Test levels up, then tackle the side effects as they come along. I dont want to be trying to balance Test shots, HcG shots, and AI’s and not knowing which to increase or decrease. My Dr told me from the beginning that unless I develop serious E2 symptoms he will NOT prescribe an AI.

When did you serve? What VA hospital or Endo did you discuss your options with?