Need Help Interpreting Labs

I had a testical removed a little over 2 years ago now, and was always told my t levels would go back to normal, well my sex drive never did, and my erections disappeared, I kept faking the funk and taking rhino pills for the ed, still hoping that it would eventually go away, I finally told my urologist my symptoms and they ordered this test, if I’m entepreting this right that equates to 380 ng/dl , and my urologist said its within normal range but from my research that’s normal for like a 65 year old im 32 btw, I’m a combat marine grunt and I feel like my t levels where prob way higher before.

The labs above I just had them take, these are the labs I had them take last year when I first brought it up to them…

I dont know why it says the ref range for females I’m Male btw lol

Sure your levels are normal, for a much older man. It’s doesn’t appear that this urologists is very informed in the TRT field of medicine. It may be time to seeking the opinion of hormone specialist and not some urologists who specialty is clearly not TRT.

That means paying out of pocket, I left insurance based TRT because all doctors are TRT stupid. There are no hormone specialist within Insurance base Healthcare. Replacing a man’s testosterone comes from sports medicine, not insurance based healthcare.

Hi korny, thank you for your service. Are you active military? I believe the military does random testing for steroids and I am pretty sure they are not allowed. Are you working with a base doctor? Ask them to be sure TRT is an approved treatment.

Those are some really bad numbers. You should get the doc to give you a script for cialas to fix your ED that over the counter rhino crap is not safe.

I copied this from another forum I frequest. You might find it interesting.

This is actually the va hospital that is Pulling these labs, I had the surgery for the cancer @ the va hospital. I am a veteran and unfortunately don’t have health insurance outside the va

It’s your choice if you choose to seek care outside of the VA, it’s a free country to seek care where ever you like. The VA doesn’t even have access the correct male E2 labs and is the worst option for replacing hormones.

Maybe not right now, but in time you will see that the VA is useless for replacing hormones and staff the most incompetent doctors on earth. When doctors are overworked they start making mistakes, gross negligence is common.

The VA doesn’t have the time to balance your hormones as they triage people all day long, they need to get you in and out quickly so they can move on to the next patient. hormone therapy takes time, time the VA doctors don’t have time to do.

An example, Defy Medical which offers telemedicine and offers competent doctors who can diagnose and treat complex medical conditions and mails medicine to your home is $1300-$2000 yearly which is averaged $100-$160 monthly.

The VA Office of Inspector General (OIG) initiated and conducted a study to assess whether VA providers established androgen deficiency (lower levels of male sex hormones, particularly testosterone, than is needed for health) prior to initiating testosterone therapy and the extent VA providers performed follow-up evaluation after initiating the therapy, in accordance with the 2010 Endocrine Society Clinical Practice Guidelines and current VA criteria for use. The OIG found that VA providers generally did not follow Endocrine Society Clinical Practice Guidelines and current VA criteria for use when initiating patients with testosterone replacement therapy or following up with patients within 3–6 months after therapy initiation. VA providers largely did not document clinically significant signs and symptoms consistent with androgen deficiency before initiating therapy or before performing biochemical confirmatory testosterone level tests. This suggests VA providers might have used testosterone tests to screen for, rather than to confirm, androgen deficiency. In addition, VA providers generally did not perform both follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone tests to distinguish between primary and secondary androgen deficiency before initiating testosterone replacement therapy. VA providers did not document a discussion of the risks and benefits of testosterone replacement therapy with approximately two out of three patients before therapy initiation. After testosterone replacement therapy initiation, VA providers did not conduct follow-up evaluation within 3–6 months for about two out of three patients before continuing the therapy. The OIG made seven recommendations to the Under Secretary for Health to ensure that providers are in alignment with Veterans Health Administration current guidance related to the initiation and maintenance of testosterone replacement therapy.

Being a veteran and not in active service I believe you are home free to seek TRT treatment.
Like systemlord says the VA is not the place to get help with your hormones. Private clinics might not be as expensive as you think. Yes you are going to have to spend some of your own money. Give a few of them a call and get some price quotes you might be surprises.
Good luck

You have taken your test at a late time take it around 8 am in the morning

The lab for blood draws dosen’t open until 8 in the morning, but both of these where taken about 8 in the morning 0800 military time.

The VA is starting to turn around. You “might” be able to get some help from them. One guy on this forum was getting T and an AI through the VA.

I get my test through the VA, just gotta keep your TT within range for the tests. Don’t expect help from them though. I basically just use them as my supplier and Lab monkeys.

And no. The military does NOT test for steroids @hrdlvn

Can anyone help me to explain to my urologist, why exactly these numbers are not good especially for my age. Regardless of having one testical now or not…

@ alphagunner I have no experience with the military and blood testing I only posted a cut and paste from another T- forum I follow. Why would this guys lie about him being tested? Doesn’t really make any difference our OP is retired so he has no issues.

Drug piss test only.

Ok I just got back some new labs I had done @ labcorp ,from every thing I have been reading the high LH and FSH coupled with my extremely low tt relative to my age “32”, tends to lead to primary hypogonadism correct? Again I did have old lefty removed 3 years ago… guess righty wasn’t able to keep up with what my body was trying to put out?..

You are most certainly primary, testicles are failing as indicated by LH and FSH screaming at the testicles and are responding poorly.

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Thanks for the feed back! I have been reading so much over this last couple days and watching YouTube videos, I knew something was going on and I had to basically self teach myself endocrinology, because the urologist @ the VA where failing me, although from every thing I have learned perhaps the endos are the ones I should be talking to… good thing I will be going in their with ammunition and knowledge… or like the knowledge is the ammo… I’m not that mad… lol

Anyways because of all the amazing stories and info everyone has shared on this site and the wealth of knowledge it continues to give me I have already went to a low t clinic, and I have a shipment of test-cyp+AI+Hcg on way to me, should get it Tuesday.

After Amassing myself in all this information over the last couple days and getting the OK from the prescribing physician this is my initial protocol I will be running

Mon- AM: .4ml _ tst-cyp: @210mg/ml
Tues-AM: .25mg Anastrozole
Wed-AM: 500 IU_ HCG
Thur-PM: .4ml_ tst-cyp
Fri- PM: .25mg anastrozole
Sat- none
Sun-AM: 500 IU_ HCG

So if my math is correct that’s 168mg split in the week. I wonder if anyone has any idea if having only one testical will effect the amount of HCG I would use?

Anyway I did all this from one of those clinics, which I’m not going to be able to pay for forever, I just really want to get some testosterone flowing through me again! Because I remember what it was like! My plan is to go into the VA with the knowledge I have now and talking them into putting me on it, without telling them I will have already started by then, to see if they agree to put me on it, then if they dont I’m going to be like "well Fortunately for me Another physician agreed that I do have an issue and prescribed me testosterone, so now I would like it to move my patient of care from outside VA to inside the VA… “Thanks”

Anyways thank you all for the info I have read and I will keep you updated!

Were you having morning wood before going on these drugs ?

I have yet to start, I’m starting next week, but no since my surgery I have rarely gotten morning wood unless I took a rhino pill the night before… aka viagra from china hidden in plain site … aka gas station

I guess Viagra has no side effects . If even you have low testosterone it’s ok it’s not a life treat lol. When you want have boom sex just have the blue pill . Cause this hormone game is soo damn complicated