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Need Help Identifying Pills


I’m just curious if you guys know what these are ?

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Is This Physique Achievable Naturally?
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could be absolutely anything you massive turkey


Someone told me there dbols that’s why I’m asking

Is This Physique Achievable Naturally?

You’re asking because you’re a fucking idiot considering taking potentially very harmful drugs when you don’t even know for sure what they are.

Do not take those pills.


Not sure about pills, But I AM pretty sure that those are pubes…


I have 3 dogs bro there not pubes trust me


If you can’t identify pills how can we trust you to identify hair?


I asked the big sky monster about 5 minutes ago and he whispered that they MIGHT be paracetamol.
Or concentrated cyonide.
Either way, pop 3 of them and live stream it on Facebook and link me to it.


Where did they come from?, yeah dont take them…


If you do take them avoid fruit while you’re on.

That stuff will kill you.


Great spot on the pube

But why does your search bar say williams cocaine arsehole?



An equally good-eye for details, you have!

I was looking up a joke about cocaine amplifying someone’s personality (what if they’re an asshole?) I thought it was robin Williams, but it turned out to be Bill Cosby. I noticed that search bar after I posted.

Gotta be on yer toes around here. :slight_smile:


Good explanation. Move along nothing to see here.