need help homies!!!!

What’s up everyone!!! I just had a question on a cycle. I am a basketball player that is using AS for performance more then anything. My goals are to gain 10 - 15 lbs. of lean muscle, but at the same time become stronger, quicker, and more explosive. I have my programs in place, but need some opinions on a cycle. This is the cycle that has be suggested to me so far

wks 1-6 test prop 50-75 mg/ed

wks 1-10 EQ 400-600 mg/wk

wks 5-10 Tren 75 mg/ed

wks 5-10 Winny 50 mg/ed

Thank you for your opinions, and help. By the way is there any anti-e’s that I should be taking, because the person that gave me this cycle didn’t use any

Why stop the test after only 6 weeks in a 10 week cycle? Is this your first cycle?

you dont need all that gear to gain 10 lbs.

increase the test dosage and run the tren with it for 8 weeks. that should be plenty.

Also, you state that you want to use aas for performance, but your primary goals of the cycle are to gain 10-15 lbs?

I get tired of saying it, but you seem ill-prepared for a cycle.

There are many problems with your cycle… first of all it is ten weeks long. Not to mention, you are running eq for the whole ten weeks so in reality, you are looking at about a 12 or 13 week period before you can begin to think of recovery. Secondly… why only run the test 1-6? You stop the test in time for the tren and winny… but that is friggin stupid, you are going to have tren dick for your remaining 5 weeks in the absence of test. You have a class 1 and class 2 stack at all times, which is good… but you need to learn how to use your long esters in the beginning, and short esters at the end. For example… run your eq for the first 6 weeks and then let it go. Run everything else for the full 8. This way, you will make gains, not have a limp dick due to lack of test, and the longer esters will have tapered off by the time you need to recover. Yes you need anti e’s… yes you need clomid… and NO YOU ARE NOT READY TO DO THIS YET!