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Need Help. Gyms Near UCLA.

So, I have not been on here in a while. It has been an interesting time in my life. Interesting in the Chinese curse kind of way, however things are starting to turn around.

To cut to the chase, I need some help from someone near UCLA. I have recently relocated here as a result of Hurricane Ike and my wife?s job. I need a place to train until I can get establish a little better. I have found a job, Thank the lord! But it is quite a bit less money than I was making prior to the move and the overall cost of living in LA is much higher.

If anyone is near by and either has their own gym, or is able to help me gain access to a gym for either no money or close to it, I would be very grateful. Prior to the Hurricane I was training 4 days a week and make steady gains. After it hit I was able to only train here and there, eventually dwindling to I have not been in a gym in months. I would be happy to train alone or with anyone who is able to help.

I am looking for a part time job for the weekends and when I secure that I should be able to swing a membership. However, I have been looking for something for a few weeks now and have not been able to find anything.

PM me if you have any ideas. I have been doing a bunch of hiking and biking in the area and loving it. It is just not the same as lifting though.

I am a huge dog enthusiast for the record. I am a good dog trainer and would be willing to train a dog in exchange for gym access. Just to put that out there.




Equinox in Westwood, Sports Club LA also in Westwood on Sepulveda.

I know that there has to be someone near UCLA that is training in their own gym and could help a fellow lifter out with a place to lift for a while.

I got a good lead on a job and will interview with someone next thursday so this could be a very short request. If that doesn’t pan out I have still been applying for a slew of part time positions all over so that I can aford to get a membership.

I do not know a single fricken person out here to ask for help from, so I am putting my faith in the fellow subscribers of this wonderful website for their help.

Thanks again,