have read on this board for a long time, and have been apart of renegade, aswell as Verix back in the day. i think this is the best board around so i am asking for some help. I am currently 25% bf 245lbs, 5’10" 30 years old. I have been away from the gym for like 2 years but been consistantly going for the last month.

I am trying to loose about 45lbs, i currenytl picked up 5 months of hgh from a my china friend, cytomel from the pharmacy, and 50mg BD winny tabs. Also, I have access to albuterol which from what i have been reading is as good as clen, but without the jitters. Now this is not my first bbq with weightloss or a cycle, but my injury caused me to gain a shit load of weight that i cant seem to get off, been watching what i am eating and working out about 3-4 days a week all that i can fit in with my schedule.

Is there any advice as far as diet and what would you recommend I do with what i have to work with. I would really appreciate all the help. now i started the hgh and cytomel a month ago, taking a break from cyto at this time for about a week but should i add winny in with this stuff, or take the hgh out of the equation, what would you recommend??? I need all the help i can get i am usually 195lbs, anywhere from 10-14%bf but my fractured tailbone and herniated disc in my back has cause me the weight gain. look forward to the help. thanks

you don’t need to do a cycle to lose weight. I recommend you try carb cycling. It works wonders, when you have a higher body fat. drop the clen, you don’t need something that strong. A good over the counter fat burner will do. try HOT-ROX, lipo 6 black, they work great. can you do lite cardio? as for the hgh. do you really, want to put in your body. anything that was made in china.

I know how you feel. a lot people on these forums do. recovering from a injury is hard. regaining your true self isn’t easy. remember it is a process, not an event.

The 3 main things that make you to lose weight: diet, diet, diet. . . .throw in some cardio and you will shed the lbs. in a hurry

another element - cardio
i was doing 1 hour a day when cutting, 6 days a week
intervals, steady state, eliptical/running…change it up

Just ship the HGH and winny to me. I wont mind.


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