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Need Help!! Getting Weak to the Point of Being Ill

Ok guys, got a couple of questions here, which I hope arent stupid.

Something about me. I am 5’8" and 145lbs. Have been on a bulk for the past three months and have gone from a very skinny 128lbs (!!!) to 145lbs and continuing. I just moved to India and have tried keeping my intake the same (3500 cals daily).

I have 70g of gatorade powder (dextrose) 30 mins before my workout and 70g 15 mins after (along with a scoop of whey protein). This is followed by a serving of WW spaghetti and kidney beans. Apart from this my other major carb intake is in the morning when I have 5 cups of Oatmeal with a scoop of protein powder.

  1. Lately I have been falling very ill and feeling extremely weak. I stopped going to the gym for a couple of days and got my strength back. But today when I came back from the gym, I felt the same weakness and was feverish. I am consuming around 350g of carbs every day (which is hard as f*** as it is). Whats going on here? My initial thoughts were it was because of the change of weather. Its all hot and humid here. So I compensate by downing a sh*tload of water. To no effect. I dont feel dehydrated. I am thinking of having some electrolyte in the morning. Would that help me?

  2. Ok, this one is pure confusion. On one side I read articles written by very experienced people on T-Nation that one should normally avoid consuming carbs later in the day. I used to have the meal of spaghetti 2 hours BEFORE my workout. But reading a recent thread in the nutrition forum and lots of other places, its said its advisable to keep the spaghetti or pasta meal post workout when it would be advantageous to produce an insulin spike. Now I hit the gym around 7. So by the time I come back and have my PWO shake its 8:30. And I end up having the spaghetti around 9. Is it a bad thing? I am sorry if I sound stupid, but I’d really appreciate if someone could put an end to this confusion for me.

For the first part, I can’t help you.

Second part, the spaghetti shortly after your workout is fine. Most say keep most of your carbs in the morning and AROUND your workout. For someone trying to lose weight, it might not be as advisable to be eating it that late at night, but you’re bulking. Having carbs after your workout should definitely be happening, even if it’s later.

If you keep your calorie intake constant, you will get stuck at a certain weight, and won’t budge from there. To keep getting bigger, you need to keep eating more food as you get heavier and stronger.

As far as the spaghetti goes…eat it before AND after if your stomach can handle it, just don’t go CRAZY with how much you’re eating. Remember the basics, and stick to them; a ton of protein, moderate quality carb intake, especially within 2 hours before/after your workouts, lots of healthy fats. Adjust calories up or down a bit if you’re putting on too much fat, or not gaining weight/muscle quickly enough.

ahh so its ok for the bulk of carbs pre wo to come from faster releasing carb sources? i always thought that it was better to have a slower releasing carb source such as oats or rice??

[quote]captain slow wrote:
ahh so its ok for the bulk of carbs pre wo to come from faster releasing carb sources? i always thought that it was better to have a slower releasing carb source such as oats or rice?? [/quote]

The point of eating slower digesting carbs is because they’re more complex, they spike blood sugar less, and rather provide a slow stream of nutrients to your body. When you’re working out, digestion slows/stops, and only the simplest nutrients provide you with energy during that period, so complex carbs won’t be of much use if they are currently being digested WHILE you train.