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Need Help Getting to 170


My stats are 5'10" 216 lb 33 yo. I would like to get down to 170lbs. I'm trying to find a good lifting program. I have been doing some jogging every other day for my cardio.
I would like to build some muscle after I get the fat off my belly.. not too ripped.

What do you guys suggest?


So the easiest thing to do would be a full-body workout three days a week.

My favorite beginner's workout is:
A: Deadlift, Overhead press, Chinup
B: Squat, Bench press, bent-over row.

Just alternate workout A and B. Stick to the basic pattern, switch some exercises every few weeks, change the rep pattern. Will get you far. But first: Try this religiously for 6 weeks. Even with something as simple as 3 sets of 10 reps. No cheating, no changing, no breaks.

Meanwhile, read up which exercises you could substitute, what set- and rep-schemes you might want to use... and even if some completely different system might be interesting.

Don't worry. Just eat the right stuff and enough of it. Eat lean meat, not too many carbs and enough servings of fruits per day. Don't try to get it perfect the first try, make small changes over the months.


^ Thanks. I may try that.
Is their any other beginner workout programs anybody can suggest on here?





First of all, find out what your total bodyfat percentage is. If you ended up having more than about 160lb of true lean body mass, you could end up losing a lot of muscle by dropping to 170lb.


Yeah if you aren't too chubby and you start lifting you might be like 5-15 pounds heavier, of lean mass then you think you can be.

I open this once I sign on T-Nation so I can link it faster. It's a must read IMO