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Need Help Getting Started

  • 38 years old
  • 6ft
  • 175lbs

*Albumin 4.5 g/dL range 3.5 - 5.5
*Testosterone, Serum 445 ng/dL range 264 - 916
*Sex Horm Binding Glob, Serum 60.3 considered high nmol/L range 16.5 - 55.9
*Testost., Free, Calc 59.8 pg/mL range 42.3 - 190.0
*Estradiol 21.7 pg/mL range 7.6 - 42.6
*Reverse T3, Serum 20.6 ng/dL range 9.2 - 24.1
*FT3 2.680 range 2.300-4.200
*FT4 1.140 range 0.700 - 1.530
*T4 8.730 range 4.200-12.000
*Insulin 3.1 uIU/mL range 2.6-24.9
*C-Reactive Protein, Quant 0.4 mg/L range 0.0-4.9
*TSH 1.630 range 0.300-4.000
*CBC HCT 47.9 range 42.0-51.0
*CHOL 161 range <200
*TRIG 71 range <150
*VLDL 14 range <30
*CHOL/HDL 2.68
*LDL/HDL 1.61 considered low range 2.00-6.00
*HDL, Direct 60.0 range >40
*LDL, Direct 96.8 range 0.0-99.0

I have spoken with a family doc and a N.P. both have recommended TRT.

N.P. recommended:

-.30 cc cyp 3x week (180mg total/week) SC
-Anastrozole 1mg (1 tablet) every morning. ***Sounds like this could kill my E2 from some brief research I have done.

-Should I take Anastrozole and if so how much should I start with?
-What do you guys think about this dosage of cyp to start?
-I am done having kids and wasn’t offered a script for HCG. I was told I don’t need it right now.

I was also given a script for DHEA 25MG.


Everyone is going to want the ranges for your labs so if you have them edit your post to reflect them.

That anastrozole dosing is crazy high and I would not do that. I personally wouldn’t even take any at all unless you have symptoms.

I will say your lucky to get a family doctor to recommend TRT with your numbers. Mine was at 307 total and mine told me I was fine.

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I tanked my E2 down to 6 with just one anastrazole a week. Not positive but I think I still am dropping a little too low with 1/2 mg a week. It’s not fun being tanked on your E2 so be careful with it. The only symptom I had before being put on it was anxiety but it was probably more to do with shit going on at work. It wasn’t worth it as I felt better before.

@rise80 thanks for the feedback. I added my lab ranges. Super confused on how to manage E2 and if I will be ok without HCG.

Anastrozole dose is on par with women who have breast cancer, doctor should know better. We have a lot of AI over-responders on T-nation, these men need .125mg anastrozole 1-2 times a week or less and some men can’t even take a small pinch of it. You don’t even have high estrogen symptoms so I don’t understand why your doctor is treating high estrogen in the absence of high estrogen.

SHBG binds sex hormone testosterone and estrogen therefore making it not bioavailable, you have high SHBG (made in liver) and you may not even need an AI that adjusting the T dosage wouldn’t fix.

Thyroid hormones (Free T3) soaks into every cell in your body and speeds it up and fuels metabolism, sets your metabolic rates and body temperatures.

Free T3 is the only active thyroid hormone and is low normal, not even midrange and good thyroid doctors prefer to see it slightly above midrange to high normal, Reverse T3 competes for the same receptor as Free T3 and when Reverse T3 is above 15 ng/dL, some of that Free T3 isn’t able to act upon your T3 receptors.

Your thyroid is normal, but not optimal.

Google -> Optimal VS Normal Thyroid Levels for all Lab Tests & Ages

Not to crash this thread, but did you ever stop taking the anastrazole? Or just cut back?

I’ve never run HCG with no issues. Here is thread I started when I stopped my AI and reduced my dose. Tons of great info from our resident TRT Doc @physioLojik.

I cut back originally to 1/2mg a week but still felt like shit so quit taking it for a week or two. I got paranoid and thought I was feeling itchy on the chest ( when it was probably just dry skin because it was dry and cold out) and went back to 1/4mg every 3 days or so, sometimes longer between. I feel good right now but my knees started sounded like I was wadding up a paper in them again. Not sure if it is just residual from before.

I feel tons better then when it was crashed just the popping and a little joint pain has me concerned. The joint pain right now I think is just muscle imbalances and stiffness from my workouts. Doesn’t really feel grinding like, they are just noisy.

Its not your workouts. Its low E2. Low e2 causes joints to literally dry out.

Don’t be surprised if it never goes away. I would stop your AI now though. Some knee pain gradually turned into a 2+ year nightmare that I still am experiencing. Not worth it.

Your probably right but don’t have the same feeling as when it was crashed. Although that was probably more noticeable because I was so low. I want to get off it but was trying to be somewhat compliant as I didn’t tell the doc I was even cutting back. He told me what my E2 was, didn’t say to make any adjustment to the anastrazole and I said screw that and did it anyways on my own. I have bloods due in about a week and wanted to see where I was at before I did anymore changes. That’s the only reason I haven’t completely stopped, although probably stupid. I wanted a number to relate to how I feel.

I have been there.

You have to decide if you think the damage you are doing by keeping your E2 low is worth the number you’ll get in a few weeks.

What was your e2 when you checked last?

6 I believe. That’s was what it was when it was crashed but then I made adjustments so I have no idea now

ouch. That’s tanked. If you kept taking the arimidex after that number, you are still low. even if you gave yourself time. E2 can take weeks up to a few months to get back to normal.

Another poster on here says it can take up to a year, he’s very knowledgeable in all this stuff also. This is not something you want to mess with.

Yeah I was a little pissed at the doc for not having me adjust or anything. He gives me the numbers over the phone and never tells me where my E2 is at unless I ask so I’m a little pissed but dont know where the hell else to go.

Ok here is what I think I am going to try -

-.30 cc 3x week so 180MG I got 29 gauge 1/2” needles from the pharmacy for SC injection.
-1/2 tab or .5mg of Anastrozole 2x per week so 1mg per week.

Thanks for the info