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Need Help Getting Started


Hi all,
I have been training for 6 months now. I discovered T-Nation a few weeks back and tried some real exercises since all I have done is generic bodybuilding workout.

Height : 5foot6
Weight : 150lbs

Deadlift : 270lbs , Squat: 200lbs
Military Press : 125lbs , Bench: 180lbs

What I found:
I really enjoy deadlifting for single
I really like military pressing
I like squatting for higher rep
I hate benching

I'd really like some tips to make a routine which put emphasis on deadlift as I feel like pulling everyday. I searched and most people tell me deadlifting more than once a week is too much and that I would injure myself.

I don't care about being shredded, I'm small and weak and I just want to be bigger and stronger.

Thanks a lot to everyone

P.S. sorry for my english, I'm still learning


I thought about doing this:

Mon = work up to max deadlift single
Wed = squat then rack pull for reps
Fri = Speed deadlift

Wath do think ?


You wanna deadlift twice a week? Do it!
For people saying that you shouldn't do it more than once a week cos you won't recover or whatever, well, if your current dead is 270 (I'm assuming this is a single) then you're gonna be fine doing it twice a week (and I know you only weigh 150, just eat and you'll recover fine until you get your weights up). Obviously, don't hit singles every session, and maybe switch between floor pulls and rack pull or something. Work up to singles on floor day and do cluster sets of 3-4 or something on rack days. But most of the issues of "over doing it" by hitting big lifts more than once a week are general only applicable to people who are dieting or have big lifts that take a lot more out of you. Think of it this way: a 600lb deadlift is a hell of a lot more taxing than a 200lb dead, right? You'll be fine.


Don't totally neglect other movements/bodyparts, though. You will pay for it sooner or later.


wow AlexDD, you sound just like me!
Im currently deadlifting and squatting twice a week using the loading protocal in this article:

working well


Thanks a lot you all,

I sure will be looking in this protocol.


Caveman, I looked at your quest for a 100kgs overhead press and I'm sure interested in that too, do you use the same protocol as the one you posted ?



i have been using it since the article was published not long ago - but i love it already


So I read a lot of articles on this site and came up with a routine I'd like to try

Workout A
Deadlift following Tim's protocol
Snatch grip rack pull 5x6-8
Leg Press 3x6-8
Goblet squat 1x20

Workout B
Military Press with 5,3,1 Boring But Big template
Floor Press 3x6-8
One-arm bench press 3x6-8
Mix of face pull, curl, chin-up, push-up, etc.

Monday and thursday will be WA
Tuesday and Friday will be WB

Between each set I will do trx strap fallout
I will do one cycle of deadlift with two 5,3,1 cycle back to back so the seventh week will be deload for everything.

Please tell me if there is any major flaw knowing I don't want to care about squat and bench right now.

As always, thank you very much to anyone who is going to answer


3 major flaws:
1 Not doing exercises you don't like. I hate leg day but I still man up and do it.
2 Thinking a beginner can design a better program than a professional. You titled this thread "Need Help Getting Started" and 9 posts later have designed yourself a program.
3 Check your total reps per body part as some are looking really neglected.

Nothing wrong with doing your own thing in the gym, but your results will be better following an established program.


I like the program Caveman linked in his post. In the livespill Tim Henriques said to choose 1-3 assistance mouvements if you intend to do it twice a week and that 5,3,1 might be better suited for military press.

Thanks a lot for replying and if you have a complete program that allow me to deadlift/press more than once a week I'd be really happy to follow it.


Another tip. Try not to think of a routine as a "weekly" thing. You don't have to bench every monday, for instance I have a 5 day routine, so every 6th day my routine starts again, if I do push on monday it means i'm back to push day on Saturday. You can figure stuff out after a while, but for now, as others have suggested you're better off just finding an established plan and sticking to it for a few months.

Maybe by utilizing a plan that forces you to bench you'll find out that you enjoy benching a lot more than you do now, alternatively buy some bands and start doing reverse band benches, the added weight you can handle will make you feel like a G and you'll prolly like benching more.


So you never take a day off training ?

Also, I think we should train according to our goals. If its bigger chest/quads for bodybuilding or bench/squat for powerlifting then bench and squat. My goals are neither, I want a bigger pull and a bigger overhead press as want to be bigger/stronger in those area/mouvements.

I identified my goal, now I'm asking help to find a way to reach them while having fun training.

Still thanks for the tips Jscoope, not sure how feeling like a G means, but it sounds funny.


Alex DD, the only thing i would add to your program is more upper body pulling - pullups and rows - to balance out the pressing. Its easily done by doing pullups between sets of OHP etc
Perhaps high rep heavy box squats instead of the legpress, i find they help my deadlift.
And instead of 1arm bench, 1 arm DB OHP


I have 1 day completely off and 1 day away from lifting - pull, conditioning, push, legs, rest, repeat.

I understand training for goals, but that doesn't mean neglecting other parts of your training. Horizontal pushing (bench) will help every facet of your pulling and vise versa. You want a better bench, do more pulling. You want a better dead, do more pushing.

OHP involves all the same muscles as your bench, just in different way. Imbalances are just going to lead to injuries and inefficiencies in other parts of your lifting.

Look, the fact you love deads is awesome, it's a shit ton better than the fools who just wanna curl 5 times a week we're just saying you can't ignore something just because you don't like it. Prioritize the deads by all means, just make sure you pay attention to everything else as well.


Thanks both of you,

I just found out about WS4SB! Its one heavy upper day, one heavy leg day and one repition upper day.
But I think a could add a lower repition day.

So monday heavy deadlift, tuesday heavy OHP, thursday repetition deadlift, friday repetition OHP. Box squat and bench as supplemental lift. Sounds good ?


while looking for high rep deadlift protocol I found Sadiv set on google, then a link to your training log Caveman101! Damn, I might as well ask what your program looks like right now and do the same thing.
If you don't mind haha!


Yay, im internet famous!
(TH means tim henriques sets)
Day 1: Hang clean+OHP TH/ 1hand BB snatch TH, 1 hand DB OHP 6x6/ Pullups, Tricep movement/ Facepulls - rep that shit out
Day 2: Hang clean+ PP TH/ Pullups, DBrow (heavy, work from 5x6 to 5x10)/ either BTNPP/BTNP 10x3, Facepulls
Day 3: Deadlift TH, Box Squat TH/ Deadlift sadiv 20reps+/ Biceps/ if i have the energy work up to 20rep squat (if not, do next Day 1)



Gonna try this on monday minus the clean and 1HBB snatch for now, don't think I have the technique right.


those lifts are pretty important, and really worth learning as soon as possible. If anything, 1handed snatches are easier to learn