Need Help Getting Past My First Peak

I have been working out hard for about 5 months and have been noticing great strength gain. But now I’ve been stuck for the last month. How do I get passed this peak or whatever. I have heard changing work out routines. Any answers would help.

Well, in SS at at least, you keep trying the same weight for a few different workouts.

If you still can’t make gains, decrease your weights by ~10% on whatever you’re stuck on and proceed. However, that’s for a linear progression program.

Other common advice is to eat and sleep more.

Could look at changing your rep range too. Rest periods might make a difference. Eating and sleeping are big ones.

Hey man, good on your for asking for help, not everyone is that brave.

the definite answer is to use a structured training plan, centered around the basics. 531 is great, sheiko is ridiculously great, texas method is great… That will take your further than anything else.

Well, what are you currently doing?

Hey man depending on what your platueing on, but theres a bunch of “assissting” exercises that can help


for Squating lighten the load and do box squats with a a 3-5 second pause on the box
Bench pressing [if you have a spotter} try doing heavy negatives 4-5 reps
And deadlifting you can start doing RDL’s or rack pulls

for most exercises you can do half or quater reps and increase the load, or you could lighten the load and reduce your rest time.

Hope this helps

You could drop your weight by 20ish lbs and start building up again slowly but with better form/control/speed/or less rest between sets.

you could increase the weight and drop the reps

you could drop the reps but keep the weight the same and build up weight or reps

you could try a new program that modifies frequency or volume that is different that the freq or volume you’re doing now

you could swap out some movements for instance swap flat bench press for incline or decline

you could eat more

you could sleep better