Need Help Getting Off TRT

I been on TRT for about 2-3 years now and honestly don’t want to be on it anymore. I have been taking 1ml a week but I had enough enough with injections and balls schrinkage. Anyone else was successful getting off? I stopped injections about 3 weeks ago. I made appointment with uroglogist but will not see him till after new year. Would appreciate feedback from those who have done same.

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No need for fancy restart drugs, just stop and let nature takes its course.

Please don’t give terrible advice.

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Terrible advice (?), lots of guys have stopped TRT without any drugs and didn’t have any serious issues, plenty have stated there was no crash. I stopped TRT after 2 1/2 years and HPTA fired up again in only 4 1/2 weeks.

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You can either try a SERM or HCG prior to the SERM.
I recommend HCG first to try to reverse the testicular atrophy. It may or may not work, but you will need to give it time; You have shut off your HPTA for years. Try 250-500IU twice weekly for a 3 months. Then, discontinue and begin the SERM ~10 days after last HCG shot.

Fareston is the best. Nolvadex is the next best option. Avoid Clomid.


Thank you.

Plenty of different things to try. One is to gradually reduce your dose. No right or wrong way to do that, but the thought is that by gradually lowering your testosterone, going from 100, to 80, to 60, etc. (I’m just throwing numbers out), it won’t be the shock that going from 100 to 0 would be.

Say, go to 150mg for three or four weeks, then 100mg for three or four weeks, then 50mg, add hCG with the 50mg test, then stop the test, but stay on the hCG.

This is an area in which it is risky to listen to other’s experiences and expect to get the same result. We are all different. Some never bounce back. I know guys who ran just a few AAS cycles and never fully recovered normal test levels, even if they were relatively short term cycles. I ran cycles off and on for over ten years and was over fifteen years off before experiencing low testosterone symptoms, which even then were not terrible.

Good luck.

PS Have you thought about switching to scrotal creams and running periodic hCG cycles? If injections and testicular atrophy are the only issues, you can work around those.

Thank you, my biggest issue is injection into quad. I done it few times where it all leaked out so it becomes pain. Also my doctor recently went private so now I have to find a new doc in Los Angeles that accepts insurance which is not easy.

Yes, and literature demonstrates roughly 98 % or so recover adequate sperm counts/morphology without PCT drugs, indicating adequate (for fertility) but perhaps not optimal functionality of the testis. It isn’t terrible advice, though it isn’t the advice I’d give either. I’d say if you can shorten recovery time with (relatively) minimal risk then go for it… but serms aren’t free of potential sides either, a number of concerning reports regarding damage to the ocular nerve have been reported with serms (other side effects are possible too… just not particularly likely), thus the safest option is theoretically going to be “let nature take its course”, but as humans we are impatient (and the adverse neurological effects stemming from hypogonadism make it a bitch to deal with) and thus we choose to use more chemicals in order to bounce back quicker

Note if OP is on trt for legitimate hypogonadism chances are he will bounce back… to pre trt levels, which probably aren’t great


Inject in your delts and be done with it. It’s easy, doesn’t hurt or effect the use of the delts and you can’t really fuck it up.

To avoid the testosterone coming back out of the injection site: After injection you leave the syringe in for another 15 secs, then pull out half way and leave it for 5 secs before pulling out completely.

Inject subq. So much easier and pain free. Also telemedical is cheap enough. My insurance covers 100% of my labs through defy.

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any more info on telemedical? Is there website?

Also as far as subq, where do you inject and what size needle? Also are you using test oil based or another type

thanks any particular part of delt and how far in do you put needle?

I agree, and already felt some symptoms coming back that I was on TRT in first place. I think I will give it more time as I do feel a lot better after on TRT.

If the injection is your main quibble with trt, try SubQ. I do SubQ I prefer 27 gauge 1/2" slin pins, but have used 30 gauge 1/2" slin pins. I have used Test C and E both in oil. I believe the Test C was in GSO, and the Test E was in MCT oil.

Many here use Defy for tele-medicine.

Email me if you need a telemedicine clinic (email in bio) and I’ll connect you to my doc. Mine runs $150/month and includes the T (around 200mg/week) shipped to your door.

I inject anywhere in the middle of the purple

I use 30g 3/16 you don’t have to go deep with sub q. My levels are almost 1500 and 500 with 23mg daily

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