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Need Help Getting My Diet In Order

Sup everyone. Lately I’ve been trying to get my diet together to maximize my gains but I feel like I’m doing it wrong. I technically should be eating 3,5k cals to grow ( give or take ). I’m 6ft2 195 pnds. I’d like to try to hit around 4k cause I don’t trust the calculators too much and just because I stay relatively active throughout the day, I also want to hit 210 by this summer, 220 would be my dream come true.

A sample of my diet would be something like this.


(I rise at 8)

8:20 4 eggs 2 toast

9:30 1 cup of almonds

12h30 post workout shake with 1 cup of almond

2h00 140g of chicken and 1 cup of converted rice

4h40 140g of chicken and 1 cup of converted rice

6:00 140g of chicken and 1 cup of converted rice

10:30 2 porc chops

and then probably somewhere around 12:00 I’ll try to down another 140g of chicken and 1 cup of converted rice and then go to bed.

This puts me at 3112 calories for the day if I don’t count the 2 porc chops ( I don’t know their values ). I also didn’t count other stuff I.E seasonings, olive oil I cook with and stuff but anyway, I’m a little short of my goal right now.

I don’t really have a huge appetite and my cooking skills are limited so I have a hard time fitting in complex stuff in my diet. I mostly eat microwave stuff except for my chicken and rice. I also start school at 2:40 and finish at 9:40. I get a 15 min break at 2:40, a 45 min break somewhere around 5:40 and a 10min break at about 7h some so I really can’t eat that much food in the 2 smaller breaks.

Any ideas on what to add to my meals or to replace em by something more calorie dense to make me possibly hit 4k cals a day?

pork chops and olive oil are probably going to contribute significant calories. If they’re big pork chops, you might be at 4k already.

The important question: How fast are you gaining weight right now?

well I went from 180 to 195 in the blink of an eye, like 1 month and a half but now It seems like I’m either stuck at 195 or going reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally slowly.

Problem is it’s going so slow I don’t know if it’s actual weight gain or if it’s just water/food weight

eat twenty eggs a day

eggs are pretty low on calories and unless you expect me to eat 20 eggs in one sitting, I can’t eat 20 eggs a day lol