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Need Help Getting Back

I’ve been out of the gym for the last 3 years. Before I got married I weigh’d 235 @ 6’1". What can I say my wife can cook awesome mexican food and I went way over board!!

Now I weigh 320lbs I work in a Prison and I need to get back in shape fast. My goal is to get down to 220lbs. Muscle mass I’m not worried about I’ve been a steady gainer in that department.(and weight unfortunatly) My energy levels are down and feedback will be appreciated!!

Advice is all over the place here. There are a ton of articles on here to help. Just do some searching and read your arse off.

What ever you going to do , do it slow ! no rush for hard pumping !
if your goal to lose fat and fast , lots of aerobics and something like HOT-ROX EX will do the work just fine and of course stop with the Mexican food , And start eating right !

Check the huge anabolic diet thread in the supplements and nutrition area. Guaranteed success for someone like you.