Need Help Gaining!


I’ve been working out for over a year now and things are going really slowly.
im an extreme endo and have spent a lot of time cutting, then bulking, then having to cut again, etc…
when i looked at last year i only have about 13lb. of LBM more than i did a year ago.

stats now are
height: 6ft
Weight: 156.75
bf%: 13%

i got off a cut about 5-6 weeks ago but since then i have some how put on no muscle!! i lost weight at first and put on muscle which was great but then it just got worse. looking at my body composition from 5 weeks ago i have 4lb. more fat and 1 lb. less muscle which is not only depressing but its very hard to stay motivated when results are like that. i think part of it was that my diet was 45%p/30%c/25%f. so it was really high in protein and low in carbs.
last week i switched to about 28%p/43%c/29%f. i finally lost fat and gained muscle! but this week i just lost muscle and gained a lot of fat even though i gained an appropriate amount of weight (1.75lb.)

can someone please help me with this? ive talked to an expert on another forum and his advice seems really helpful but after this week i feel so screwed. i mean im known by a lot of people to be pretty knowledgeable about bodybuilding (and no not to just my clueless friends lol) but i really dont know whats going on with my results.

also do u think when doing a program u should always go to positive failure or that u should start low so u can progress by like 2.5-5lb. each workout for a few weeks and then start over lower again and build up in a different rep range, etc…

thanks for the help

Well 13lbs in a year is pretty average, so I wouldn’t be too dissapointed. My guess is you’re paying too much attention to the numbers. If your goal is to put on mass, then just put on as much mass as you want and cut later. I think you should spend more time on what is harder for you, which seems to be putting on mass. Posting your routine and diet would also help.