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Need Help Gaining Weight

2 weeks ago I was eating around 4200 calories and I put on around 4lbs in 2 weeks from this. Then the next week I dropped 2lbs, so I upped he calories to nearer 4500. 9 days laer (today) I jumped on the scales again- I hadn’t been able to use them a week after I last weighed myself, so had to do it today instead, but followed the same typical approach that I always use when weighing myself (i.e. time, clothes worn, amount of fluid drunk/ food eaten, using toilet etc.) and I had apparantly lost nearly 4lbs… How can this even be possible considering I’m eating sooooo much!? Seriously, what the hell am I gonna do, I’m f**king fed up with this…

Stats: 20 year old guy, 5ft 11, 121lbs (now!!) and, like, non-existant bodyfat

I really dunno what to do anymore…

eat more

You need to work out…

First of all, you’re 5’11" and 121lbs… I don’t believe you.

Lets say I did believe you. Keep your food intake the same (same foods/macro’s/total calories/sodium/water intake) for two weeks. Weigh yourself after 2 weeks, before eating after pissing.

The weight you’re fluctuating is water weight. It happens. I can go up or down 10lbs from morning till night if I play around with my sodium and water. Not to mention my weight will be different depending how many meals I have in me.

I had this problem a bit. Only weigh yourself every 2 weeks after you have added/cut calories and always on the same day, Sunday is my preference as I don’t have to rush off anywhere. God knows what weight I would be if I measured mid week. Gives the body more time to adapt and gives a more accurate reading I’ve found, Berardi etc. recommend it.

Obviously then you can fine tune your diet/training accordingly.

Hope it helps.