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Need Help Gaining Strength!


I'm on a lifting program for football but the way they have it set up doesn't help me. I need a program that will increase my max fast for bench,squat,deadlift,and military press.

I know that the best way to increase strength fast is less reps more weight, but what would be the best rep/set numbers?


I'm not the best person for lifting advice, but I'd say 5x5, 4x6 & 10x3.


5X5 has been working pretty well for me, give it a try.


Can't tell you at all online or real life.

Not overraining is a concern for you. Does you no good to lift like someone who only lifts when you're doing football on top.

Just a suggestion, two workouts a week, 20 miuntes both. High intensity. Your'e choice of wave, descending weight, ascending weight, rest periods, excercise order, etc. Keep it heavy and intense and don't forget to recover. Trust that your effort will pay off and dont' get injured overtraining so you end up going back a year in training.

Again, just something I came up with, but I have no clue how hard your'e training or how you react to your training.



First off, what program are you on right now, and how do you know it isn't helping you?

Secondly, are you on the off-season for football? Or is there regular practice, games, and whatnot? If you are in-season for football, it will radically affect how the lifting program should be designed.

Finally, how do you know that you need to increase your max-lifts for bench, squat etc? Is your goal to be a better football player? Or do you just want to get more strength for non football related reasons?