Need Help Gaining Strength

I’ve been on T-Nation for a while never really had any reason to post anything… well I’ll get to the point.

Late last year I weighed a whopping 145lbs at 6’0… so i decided to change that, I hit the gym and ate a lot more. I used a lot of the idea’s in Alwyn Cosgrove’s hypertrophy programs. Now I’m up to around 170 which I am totally excited about. But here is the reason I’m making this post.

I want you guys (and girls) to help me out… Now i want to get strong… a lot stronger than I am now (I also want more size but i know that will come with the strength). If you could give me any input as to certain exercises or pointing me in the direction of an actual program would be awesome. Words of encouragement and general advise is also wanted. Thanks a lot

Weeeeeestside for skinny bastards !!

the only difference really is that you should go for lower reps and higher sets. 1-5 reps of 3-8 sets should be fine

Depending on where you’re at, you might benefit from Rippetoe’s Starting Strength program. It’s high weight, low rep, and is good for beginners to build the strength. I’m sure if you post what your lifts are at, others with more experience than I could weigh in on what program might be best for you.

thanks for the help so far… here are my lifts

Deadlift 345
Squat 350
Benchpress 195

those are pretty weak but 4 months ago i started at deadlift 215… squat around 190 and bench press sucked at like 140 for max

Hello, I think that you should do either Rippetoes starting strength

Or Bill Stars 5x5 Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos.

I think 5x5 might be right for you, but you can always start with rippetoes and when you can’t add weight change to 5x5.

Best of luck to you.

R I P P E T O E ! ! ! ! ! !

That’s always my vote. No surprise.

You have the right thinking OP. With strength comes size … and vice versa. I wouldn’t consider those weak numbers for weighing 170. We/us/I/me always give ourselves less credit then deserved. I like humble people.

cool. thanks for the advise i will look at rippetoe and the 5x5 … i think im gonna invest in an Olympic bar and some bumper plates so i can do the olypmic lifts in my garage… i can only do them at the gym when no one is there because people are retarded and walk right next to me when im trying them… On the bright side i cleaned 190 the other day and im really happy about that… and i will update this thread as i continue in a new strength program

I was looking at it, and i think im going to start off with the strengthI program in the new rules of lifting

That’s a nice squat for 170 lbs. What is up with your deadlift, though? It progressed slower than your squat?