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Need Help from the Experts


Greetings everyone! Although I am well-versed regarding nutrition, I am still an infant when it comes to muscle building and toning. So I need some advice from those "in the know."

I am now 21 years, 180 lbs, 6'2" tall. When I was younger (around 13-14) I lost around 100 pounds in less than a year. Since, I have not ever been obese, but my weight has fluctuated. I say all of that to say the following:

I still have a glaring problem with excess skin just hanging on my lower mid-section. It is not a grotesque amount, but it is certainly noticeable.

I am starting a new routine (the Homegrown Muscle Program from Men's Health) in an effort to put on some muscle to help.

This is my question: I don't want surgery, but can I flatten my body and "fill-in" my extra skin by gaining muscle and weight or do you all think surgery may be required.

I know that this issue has been talked to death, and I apologize for yet running it in the ground again, but I want to take the initiative and obtain some advice from you all who know and may have had similar experiences. Thank you a thousand times. Though I am reluctant to post pictures (it is somewhat personal) I am willing to do so if it would help in the counseling. Thank you.


You'll probably need surgery to get rid of it completely. Unless it's just a little bit, then you MAY be able to fill it in, though it will never be quite as sleek looking as if the extra skin wasn't there...

Why don't you want the surgery? There's no shame in it, skin compliance isn't something you have much control over.



i would have thought skin elasticity may shrink it down over time. But you could fill it out with muscle not specifically around the abs area: e.g. getting a really thick lower back would tighten things up. Increasing other muscle on torso may help aswell, though minimally.


Im gonna go surgery here. And the only reason I say this is one of my friends that I went to high school with many years ago had the same problem. He lost alot of weight and he had the skin hanging from around his midsection. He kept doing all the things he normaly did lifting and running for football and such but it never went away. He is still the same weight now 8 years down the road. And still has excess skin around his midsection. I dont think it just ever goes away. He doesnt run but he does still lift. He is strong as an ox but he cant get rid of it and cant afford the surgery.

But, good luck in what ever you decide.