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Need Help From the British


Okay folks,

I need some help.

My mother died this summer after a long battle with cancer and one of her requests was that we send some of her ashes back to her sister in Scotland.

However, I came up with a better idea.

I quit my job (ends next week) so I find myself with some time on my hands and one of my mother's fondest wishes was to take me over to England and Scotland. Obviously now that's impossible but I thought that perhaps I would be able to do the next best thing which would be to take her over!

So, in about 3 weeks (Mid October) I'm planning on flying over there, ideally I'm going to land in London and make my way North to Dingwall (by Inverness) where my aunt lives.

What can you do?

I need somewhere to stay in London for a couple of days while I see the sights. I'm hoping that someone can (ideally) hook me up with a couch for 3 or 4 nights or that someone can at least point me in the direction of cheap accomodations for my stay.

So if anyone on that side of the pond can help out I would very much appreciate it. Thanks in advance for taking a read and if you can help out either post back here or shoot me a PM.



Wish i could help ut dont live anywhere near.

London is VERY expensive for doing the whole touristy thing. Bring lots of money. Lots.

Scotland, not so expensive. Edinburgh is awesome. Rail is expensive so if your planning on going by train - book well in advance. Same for coach. You may as well fly from London to Scotland anyway imo. Cheaper and quicker - unless you want to make a trip of the journey and catch a couple English cities on the way.

Good luck - i think thats a great thing to do.


Have you seen the movie "Hostel"?

Just be careful. Sorry about your mother.


Sorry about you mom, it's never easy to deal with the death of someone close.

I wish I could help, unfortunately I'm living in a house share so not too much space here.

You can find hotels in London for about £40 a night($80) for the cheaper ones, which isn't too bad if you planning to stay only a few days.

I would try something like gumtree.co.uk and have a look around there - bound to be something.

Good luck.


Thanks for the well wishes folks and I appreciate the advice.

Gumtree has some pretty promising looking listings so I'll check that out a little more.

Any other suggestions?



try hostelworld.com. u can get very cheap places to stay in London. £20 a night or less.


I can help out if you fly in to Manchester instead of London mate.


Are you Geographically impaired? Or just Thick?

Slovakia is connected To London and Scotland? Hmmmmm - explain?

To the OP - hope everything is working out for you.


Thats what the song says. Slovakia's connected to the London the london's conneced to the hip bone. Or am I thinking of the leg.




Bloody hell that's grim. I would say it's probably an urban myth though.


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Thanks Bushy,

Well, we'll see what happens. Worst case I sleep in a hostel, not really a bad thing. I just like staying with locals whenever possible because you get to see cooler stuff.



It is not the movie I referenced. It is the lesson learned from said movie.

I hope Stu stays safe. That is all.