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Need Help From Experienced Athletes..

To start off I understand how many new people come on here and ask “is this ok” and i apologize for adding this to the pile… that being said i am 21 been training since i could walk in wrestling. weight training since 13 and much more serious at 17 till this day. i weigh 195 at ten percent body fat off training. i am currently an undefeated mma fighter and this is the reason for posting this forum. I am soon to go pro and understand in the advanced athletes world steroids are not necessarily a must but are very useful. i would also like to put out there that i’m not an idiot, i’m studying exercise physiology and am very well informed when it come to strength and conditioning. that being said i have only been studying steroids for the past year non stop. i feel i know much about it but obviously there are people out there much more informed due to personal experience than myself. this will be my first cycle and here it is.

week 1-10 500 mg of testosterone Enanthate monday and thursday (250mg per injection)
1000 mg of milk thirstle ED
450mg of saw palmetto ED
10 mg of nolvadex ED starting week 3 ( only reason i am running this is due to the fact i cant get arimidex)
nizoral every third day
week 11 300 mg of test e (150mg per injection)
same as week 1-10
week 12 200 mg of test e (100mg per injection)
same as week 1-10
wait two weeks from last injection (10mg of nolvadex still used)
day 1 250 mg clomid
60 mg of nolvadex
day 2-11 clomid 100mg
day12-21 clomid 50mg
day 22-28 clomid 20mg
nolvadex 10mg

im eating a strict paleo diet but adding protein powder due to the fact that ill be taking in 400 g per day. i will put up my whole diet if people think its necessary but im more concerned about my cycle. i also am using acne wash if any body acne comes into play and through out the whole cycle im using nizoral to help block any dht sent to my hair follicle.

any input into my cycle would help thank you…

The milk thistle is unnecessary, you aren’t taking any hepatoxic compounds.

Research the difference between AI’s and SERM’s. Don’t run Nolva during your cycle. Get Arimidex (an AI) for on cycle, and use the Nolva (a SERM) for PCT only. You can get Arimidex online relatively easily. Find a well reviewed website offering Peptides, these ‘research chemical’ vendors often offer legitimate SERMs.

Rather than taper off at the end, inject that Test at the beginning.
Week 1 1000mg Test E
Week 2-11 500mg Test E
Week 13 Commence PCT

Same amount of test, but it will be much more effective.


You may want to take out some identifying info from your post, like where you go to school.

If you care about that sort of thing…