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Need Help for the Best Results


You can get to 7% body fat on nothing let alone test, tren, EQ, mast, winny, var. If you need such an exorbitant amount of drugs just to drop body fat that’s a problem and you need to work on discipline, diet and training. If you’re using tren, what will winny and mast do for hardness that tren won’t?


I listed several corrections. You don’t seem to want to do any work on your own. If you don’t know why your cycle is wrong then do some research of your own. I’m not your own personal Wikipedia, kid.


I don’t understand, tren or masteron ALONE gives a vascular, hard look with the right diet, so why do you need winny or var? Why do you need tren for that matter either? This is you’re first comp, imagine how extreme you’ll be going with the doses a few comps down the line if you start out like this

What does this have to do with the price of apples? I never said you were an alcoholic, if you were then you DEFINATELY shouldn’t be using AAS (although some people do combine alcohol, cocaine with AAS, it’s like asking for heart problems…) I don’t give out cycle advice or dosage advice because if something goes wrong because of something I told you to do then it’s my fault.

I can’t tell if that’s sarcasm of not, I mean E2 will be high but 6,000,000 is an impossible number. (Plz clarify if sarcasm I legitimately can’t tell)

This is super off topic but assisted suicide is a very controversial topic… But I’m all for it if an individual has a legitimate reason to not want to live (like a terminal or completely debhillitating illness), say tommorow I was diagnosed with a phat terminal brain tumour, Lung cancer or I was told I was going to be bed ridden in five years from now from whatever reason, what would be there (at said point) to stop me from running a MASSIVE cycle (like the one OP has outlined), it’d kill me quicker, esp if tumour related (+ igf-1 = increase rate of tumour and cancer growth + carcinogenic properties of AAS) however it sure as hell beats suffering for another couple years on chemo or slowly becoming bedridden.

@iron_yuppie have you ever used trenbolone? Do you ever plan to in the future (just curious) I don’t intend to ever touch the stuff


Have never used, will never use. Just don’t need that much horsepower.


I heard its not easy to go under 8% bodyfat im easily able to drop my bodyfat winny and anavar is for what if im not able to drop my bodyfat under 8% winny and anavar are option if im not able then i will add one compound only anavar or winny clen anavar winny are option if im not able to reduce much body fat then i will add winny or anavar


Kk then stop irritating me


Take the risk or lose the chance this is what i think i think you can’t understand leave uncle and thanks to show some curiosity regarding me but i will choose to e the risk rather than living awful life i want to be fucking best great fitness models like jeff seid steve cao anderi deiu i want to be one of them im still learning im not know everything thats why im here and asking for help if i want to take the help of Wikipedia then i should be not here im 21 but i faced many big problems in my life i was not ready for them i dont know how to get up and move alone thank you both for your suggestions but i will proof myself. Always hungry and dedicated for my dreams when i join gym im only 42kg 5’8 now im pround myself 82kg 5’11 in 2 years


Your quest to be the greatest ever will likely fall short if you die of a stroke at age 22. You may not care about your life but I bet other people do. Hell, I’m a stranger to you and I care more about your health than you do. Best of luck on your journey.


Thank you so much and yess my family cares about me but i will do things properly blood works detoxification of liver and kindey proper rest after cycle in this carrier i need luck blessings more than anything


You sound like a whiny fucking kid who is scared to put in the hard work and relying solely on AAS’s. Grow up some. You wonder why people haven’t really given you a lot of helpful advice. They have, but you don’t want to hear it. It doesn’t align to your narrative so in your eyes it isn’t helpful. The youngest teenager on the board here has given you the best advice. I respect his advice almost as much as my endo.


Im not scared from hardwork i just want maximize my hardwork with the help of aas i understands others why they are saying all this things to me you dont even able to understand what i want to say and you are saying im kid lol :joy: if im kid then you are too kid smaller than me like 6teen or 7teen another guy who misunderstoods me


See this is what I mean. You cant take criticism. You always have to point the finger and twist it all around instead of evaluating yourself. No one is misunderstanding you. They all know you are not ready for that type of cycle. You have only worked out for 3 years, that is laughable in itself. Yet, you put together this cycle of steroids that looks to be for a IFBB pro. You are just a kid. The teenager I was referring to was Unreal2478 who is the one who tried to help you the most.

I could care less if you inject all that shit into your body. I kinda hope you do then suffer for your poor choices. If you cant listen, then you learn the hard way like everyone else.


Ifbb pro cycle grams of roids 1000mg test 800mg tren and mast and i will follow unreal what he said to me and i also said thanks to him that means i like his stuff i will do what he said to me drop adex proviron and only use one compound winny or anvar he said no to cardarine and mk 2866 he also told me to monitor my bp ECG test and train hard look i remember everything what he said to me no one wants to get fucked up me too


Noooooooooooooooooooooo I regret giving this “advice” which was less advice and more “common sense”, as in what I’d do.

New advice, don’t use anything


Whatever you do decide to do plz Google steroid harm reduction and follow every protocol given