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Need Help for the Best Results

Helloo everyone i need help i want to participate in Mens physique competetion so i need a help im 21 years old im training since 3 years 1 year naturally in second year i only done dbol cycle for 8 weeks in third year i used test tren eq and deca at very low dosage test 250mg ew tren 150mg ew 250mg eq 250mg deca

Current stats:

21 years old

82kg 11-13% body fat

Lifting experience more than 3 years

Im thinking of doing 20 week prep cycle like

1-18 week Test e 250-350mg ew

1-20 week eq 300-400mg ew

1-20 week Tren e 200-300mg ew

1-8 Week MK-2866 15mg ed

11-20 week masteron e 200mg ew

12-20 week winny 150mg ew

12-20 week anavar 30mg ew

12-20 week Cardarine 20mg ed

12-20 week clen 40mcg pyramid approach

1-20 week Proviron 0.5mg eod

1-20 week Arimidex 0.5mg eod

1-20 week Hcg 500 iu eod

Pct after 2 weeks of last pin -

Hcg 5000 iu e3d before starting pct

nolva 40/40/40/20/20

Clomid 100/100/100/50/50

mk-2866 , cardarine for maintaining bodyfat and strength i will also use n2 guard or organ st during cycle and pct


4200 calories per

300g protein 400g carbs 200g fats for week 1-12

I will also do carb cycling if needed

250g protein 100g carbs 100g fats for 12-20 week

I will reduce carbs as much as i can as per needs

Training- push pull legs

Mon- chest shoulders triceps

Tue- back biceps, low slow treadmill for 20min

Wed legs

Thu- chest triceps shoulder , low slow treadmill for 20 min if needed

Fri back biceps

Sat legs and anterior deltoid and some upper chest for covering weak parts

i know tren for 20 weeks will so long but i want to look best on stage and i want to win i have not any other choice

Any advice appreciated :slight_smile:

30mgs of anavar/ week did I read that right? I’m an advocate for low doses but 4mgs of anavar per day won’t do much unless you’re recovering from a viral illness or malnutrition and are in a severely, SEVERELY catabolic state. Drop the mk 2866, no need for it, very little research on the compound, it won’t add anything to you’re stack that Tren, eq, winny, mas, var and test won’t… As a mattter of fact I’m not entirely sure the EQ is nessecary (although other more experienced people can weigh in), you’ve already got tren in the stack, that’s like an anabolic powerhouse, I don’t see what an additional 300mg of EQ would do for you.

20 weeks of tren. RIP your lipids.

1.5mg/w adex on 350mg/w test. RIP your libido, joints, mood, and gains.

It would be easier to tell us what drugs you aren’t planning on using.


Please dont listen to these negative Nancys. Everything looks great. These doses look minor leagues though.

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30mg of anavar per day 4mg per day lol and okk i will drop mk 2866 should i add anadrol or nutrabol for kick start ? And i want to add eq because it will increase my appetite and it will also give me solid and lean gains like tren which lasts thats why i want to add eq



See? I can type random words with no context too.

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I’m a mango and therefore find this offensive.


not reccomending cycles, stacks or anything because that’s not what I do. I do, however reccomend against the use of relatively new, experimental and highly untested drugs such as mk 2866 or nutrobol (mk 677).

All AAS increase appetite to some extent, if you can’t eat without AAS then something isn’t right. Remember Winny is going to destroy you’re lipids, so is (most likely) tren and anavar. Adding anadrol and that’s 20 weeks of HDL in the teens or single digits… I think one of my coronary arteries just got a 94.345243523451345134 percent blockage from reading this cycle again. (the doses aren’t the issue for competitive bodybuilding, it’s the prolonged use of orals, and tren that has me shiver)

Any suggestion ?

There are easier ways to destroy your body that don’t involve so many needles. Have you tried smoking? Start at like a pack a day and work your way up. Also start eating exclusively at McDonalds. That will accelerate the process. Unless you can give an actual, non-dumbass reason why you should run that cycle I am going to assume that you’re a very bored dude who’s just trolling us in order to fill the emptiness in his life.



Slow the fuck down and relax. This is a marathon not a sprint. I heard crack and heroin are good for weight loss.

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I think he said he’s a competitive bodybuilder. Wait a minute I got confused, @ns291998 for a first comp and with only 3 yrs of training at 21 there’s absolutely no WAY you need that much gear.


probably not a troll though, most 21 yr olds aren’t exactly responsible (same as teenagers) throw boredom into the mix and it can spell disaster (I’m bored very frequently, but I sleep a lot and I don’t use drugs so nothing bad happens other than the occasional stupid stunt like swinging an axe into a wasps nest or something)

I can say, having smoked one half of a cigarette when I was fourteen that one could never start at a pack a day, they’re too disgusting, they taste awful, they burn, they make you smell, I can’t imagine anyone trying a cigarette and thinking “wow, this is a great idea, I should do this more” lol. I CAN imagine one lighting up and thinking “wow, look how cool and edgy I look, this sucks but it gives me a false sense of validation with my peers and therefore I’m going to do this on a regular basis”.

Also KFC is worse than mcdonalds, we could write out a dietary plan like

Breakfast (McDonalds)
Lunch (KFC)
Dinner (KFC)
with some wendy’s in between all meals for snacks (I recall that being big in America), couple that with a pack of cigarettes per day, a six pack of beer and 25mgs of winny/day and then slowly stop working out until you just sit on the couch all day (except to go eat), it’s a recipie for a heart attack as quick as possible

You are mad if you cant help me than stop saying all this bullshit read topic again i need help not criticism

What I’m most certainly not mad that I can’t help you, that was an mildly immature response from a 21 y/o, I was poking fun, no need to fret. What do you need help with? I don’t understand, do you want help for harm minimization, doses to take, compounds or what? There’s a general rule that I like to keep, don’t add in compounds unnessecarrily that you don’t need. (I’m not going to give you advice on what to use but I’ll break down you’re cycle)

Ok, for starters with all the other compounds why do you need 250-350mg test, you could get by on a TRT dose and let the other compounds go to work. I don’t see anything wrong with the EQ, Tren being run for 20 weeks is a bit much, if you could incoorperate the tren later on to minimise strain on you’re body that’d be great. Drop the MK-2866, don’t see anything wrong with mast. Why are you using winny and anavar? Pick one or the other, no need for both, both will DESTROY you’re lipids (along with tren) legitimately you’ll probably have a higher calcium score after this cycle lol (or higher detectable levels of plaque, I’m not joking you’re lipids will be that bad if you use tren, winny and var for 20 wks, thomas O connor (anabolic Doc) has a video on youtube warning against use of tren and winny together, saying he’s seeing peopel develop heart disease at “unprecedented rates” on that combo. Cardarine has been linked to rapid cancerous tumor growth in rats at HED doses of like 10-20mg/day. Clen? You’re asking for LVH and/ or cardiomyopathy, try keep the fat loss to diet rather than beta 2 agonists or stims. Proviron, why? Mast should be good enough for drying out. .5mg adex eod is overkill (maybe towards the last week of the comp to dry out a little extra) but even then I wouldn’t reccomend it, that dose of adex you’re lookign at a work of pain, if you only use a TRT dose of test I don’t even think you NEED adex at all. The amount of HCG you’re using is putting you at risk for LH receptor downregulation, in which case post cycle = TRT for life.

I hope you’re aware of the serious potential risks you’re putting yourself at from these doses (200mg tren is equiv to roughly 1000mg test), anabolic steroids aren’t harmless, there’s three catagories of people, the average joe who believes AAS are the devil incarnate and will shrink you’re penis, is as dangerous as heroin etc (not true), the guys who think AAS sides are over hyped and that they’re harmless (yea the media does sensationalise them but they’re far from harmless) and the guys who are aware of the risks, realize the potential dangers but go ahead anyway (the small minority, and yea when done properly it isn’t the riskiest drug in the world, hwoever it still isn’t without risks). You’re aware of the possibility of developing cardiomyopathy, potentially Irreversible severe concentric LVH, premature coronary atherosclerosis, you’re aware guys on megadoses when given MRI’s have been found to have structural abnormalities in their brains (right amygdala, however when the excess illicit drug use was taken away the change wasn’t very significant at all, still differences did exist) many parts of the brain has AR’s (anything that contains androgen receptors anabolic steroids will act upon), however the structural differences couldn’t be pinpointed to anything related to behavioral or cognitive abnormalities (although another study found AAS users had lower visuospactic cognitive function however yet ANOTHER study found the difference didn’t reach clinical significance. the higher the dose the higher the risk. Stay on top of bloods, don’t drink, get check ups if possible (with ECG if you can), moniter BP don’t use recreational drugs, eat clean, train hard, incoorperate as much LISS cardio as possible, use support supps, this approach will greatly minimise risk.

Thanks a lot this is what i want HELP to minimise the risks so what should i can add in the last week for vascular hard and dry look winny or anavar ? And plzz suggest the dosage ? Again thank you so much men and im sorry misbehaviour nowdays i get irritated easily because of some people in my life sorry once again and im not alcoholic and dosage of winny or anavar plzz ?

20 weeks of tren is flat-out stupid. 5,000iu of HCG twice a week will turn you into a woman. Your e2 will be ~6,000,000 (sensitive assay). Proviron can’t be dosed at .5mg. Clomid at 100mg is pretty high, especially considering all the other side effects you’ll be dealing with. Masteron and Anavar and Winstrol together? For what possible purpose? If you can’t get lean and hard on tren and mast then there is nothing, nothing that will help you. This isn’t a cycle. This is bro-assisted suicide.

Again :weary: i said help me that means correction of wrong things not criticism as unreal told me i will only use winstrol for 6 weeks to 8 weeks in the last of the cycle if 5000 iu will turn me into the women that please tell me correct dosage of hcg and lean and hard means 7-8% body fat dude thats why i want to add winstrol and masteron again im saying real help like unreal he made the corrections described be the problem why i should not do that what should i subtract blood works during cycle its easy to pick out the mistakes rather then correction men i hope you will understand what i expect from you