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Need Help for a Friend


Hello all,
I am writing for a friend of mine who wants to start some weight lifting. He is an endomorph, and needs to lose a lot of weight before worrying about putting any back on. I told him some Circuit training and incline walking were probably a good start.

I wqas hoping for a good starter program for Circuit Training (I am doing Meltdown Traioning right nwo, but that's killing me and I have been training for a year.... I don't think this is for him).

I was also hoping for a good article on dieting for him. Maybe the Carb Cycling one which was posted recently?



I'd consider something like Thib's Renaissance Program. It's nicely laid-out, and addresses all the issues a beginner needs to work on.:

If you definitely want to use a circuit, I'd try Mike Mahler's High Octane Cardio. It's a sort-of circuit, interval cardio meets weights, fat melting routine:

Shugart's 7 Tips. Some very simple, and very great ideas.


I'm a skinny bastard but I can vouch for the results you can get with High Octane Cardio...it's good stuff.


I've got a feeling you'll be able to have more control over the exercises this guy does than his diet.
If he really wants to change that then the above posted articles are all he needs. Depends if he has the willpower.

As for exercises, i'd get him doing all the big lifts at the same time as doing very short intense runs. I myslef can't be assed running at all but if i had to i would be more likely to sprint for a minute than to jog for an hour. Muscle will use up lots of his calories so see as attacking the problem from beneath. As the muscle increases it should help reduce the fat at the same time.
Get him doing full bodyworkouts 3 times a week to use lots of energy up.