Need help focusing

I am 18 year old, 233lbs, and i am trying to do T-Dawg v2 with OWP training. I also do jogging in the morning and HIIT in the early afternoons.

My problem is I will do good for maybe a week and a half, then i taper a bit, and finally give in. I really want to look good for the hot babes at my summer job, but it is so hard to keep focus. What is a good way to keep my training??

P.S I know some will say “Just Shut up and Train fatty!” and that is a good way, but i would like other things tryed by you guys.

Just think of the payoff that a nice body will have with the young hotties next summer…set your goals and go for it!!

What is OWP?

Take up another hobby like fighting. When you have to go up against dudes who are your size but all muscle you’ll probably stay pissed off and interested enough to keep training. On the other hand consistently getting naked with a dope girl now will probably motivate you to stay in shape, allowing you to get more muff later. Fuck it, do both.

do you taper off on the exercising or the diet? I think you meant the exercising…

Find stuff you’d like to do… If you’re running, and you hate it its going to be super hard to stick to.
Change up your workouts a bit. in example, you do HIIT sprinting for a week, then the next week do it on a bike, or stair climbing or… there are so many options. Sometimes changing it up keeps it interesting. Grab a partner & do-see-do… If you dont have any friends interested in working out, or none at all use a partner finding service.

I like the idea of a hobby, I’ve actually been thinking of joining something when i move for this exact reason. Well not to compare myself to dudes… but to find something fun that would also be a workout & will keep me motivated to continue to get stonger & leaner so I can kick ass at it. The dope girl idea also sounds good… But i’d like to mention its hard to find a dope girl(coughwhenurchunkycough) cause they’re all taken… or straight lmfao


It’s more than a hobby for some. I look at it as basic hygiene… skipping a scheduled workout is like missing a shower IMO.

What is it that deters you… Are you overtrained? Does your routine lack variety? Is it layed out in a reasonable fashion that allows you to adhere to it? You can follow great diet approaches, training advice - but in the end consistency with a dab of dedicationa and down right motivation is the key factor to success here. And being successful at reaching goals is very addictive…

BigWall - are you getting enough of a calorie intake?

Could be that your tapering off because you are over training or under eating?

If you want motivation just check out the 425 lb squat thread. lol that should do it.

You’ve gotten excellent suggestions so far. I would echo some, and add a few of my own; these things worked particularly well for me.

Visualization. Picture where you want to be. I hate to run, but it works for me like few other things. So every step, I’m imagining the body I want to have, how good it will feel to squat 225 for reps, the looks I will get when I’m where I want to be. How strong I will feel.

Conversely, when I want to cheat on my diet, I mentally walk myself through the process…what the item in question will smell like, taste like–and how I will feel afterwards. Then I go brush my teeth. :slight_smile:

Rewards. I built an elaborate system of rewards for physical and dietary goals. First off, on the most basic level, a week of dialed-in nutrition yields me a free day. This works really well for me, and I find there is no craving I can’t defer until the weekend.

Secondly, weight loss and physical goals (i.e., losing 10 pounds, completing a certain number of pullups, etc.) net me presents. I made my first reward a big one, and now every time I look in the mirror, I see diamond earrings that represent the first 20 pounds lost. It’s a sweet sight. Obviously, tailor that to what’s appropriate for you.

Finding exercise you love. I took up racquetball, which I adore. Now all my cardio, some of which is admittedly not so fun, is perceived to be in support of being a better player. That helps!

Community. Check in here often. The rest of the world is not participating in this endeavor, or they’re doing it in a really stupid way (i.e., subway, slimfast). Every day, while I eat my never-ending chicken breast, I read the forum to see that there are others facing the same struggle in an intelligent and thoughtful manner. Posting your diet for critique nets extra bonus points and helpful feedback.

Foodlog. It keeps you honest and accountable, and gives you a history of what works and what doesn’t.

Momentum. Nothing breeds success like success. Make a commitment to yourself that come hell or high water, you will stick to your food and training plan for two weeks. No deviating. And that then you’ll re-evaluate. I suspect that (a) you’ll find it’s not as hard as you think; and (b) you’ll start to see results, which will make you want to continue. Along your path, pay attention to the mirror. Spend a little extra time cataloging your physical changes. Two weeks. You can do ANYTHING for two weeks.

I wish you success.


Great words of advice from LS!

One more thing…if you’re jogging in the morning, and doing HIIT in the afternoon, that’s most likely too much cardio.

Post your training plan here, too.


Wow! Lisa, that was the best rewards/motivational post I have ever seen. Thanks for the insight.

In faith,

I would like to add that above all u have to want to stick to it. No matter how much anyone trys to motivate u, or push u on. If u dont truely want to change u wont.

Like was stated earlier it is more than a hobbie for most ppl on this site. It is more like an instinct, or a natural bodily function. Not so much like eating or breathing. But closer to the drive one gets for sex. You yearn for it, search for it, will do most anything for a good dose of it, and get down right angry if u dont get it.

But remember I said close to the same as sex, not exactly the same. The drive for sex of course will alway win out. After all you get two birds with one stone, u fill the need for the sex and get a good workout all in one.

Another good point regaurding sex and motivation. If you do stay dedicated, you are bound to have a great transformation, which in fact, just may lead to not only a better personal view of yourself, but those hotties u refer to will also start to notice.

Motivation follows actions

Thanks so much for the feedback, but to anwser some of ur questions, I burn out on the diet first then the OWP (osillating wave program). also i fogot to mention that i alternate jogging days and HIIT Days.

i find sex to be a really odd reason to want to better yourself. are you sure your aren’t suffering from personal image problems? if anything I find the opposite sex deters me from concentrating on my goals. However different strokes for different folks right? I like the fighting idea. Go get your ass kicked a couple of times in a ring or on a mat and I will garauntee your motivation will be through the roof. Anyone can get laid but can anyone box, fight mma style or flip over the car which belongs to that douche bag who currently banging the chick you got your eye on? I think not.