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Need help: First Cycle with Test Cyp and EQ

This is my first cycle and currently first week is going. Monday I had a mixed shot of 300 mg test cyp and 250 mg EQ/Boldenone. Again tomorrow I’m gonna repeat same.
So, according to my trainer, first two weeks it’ll be 600(300+300) mg test cyp and 500(250+250) mg Boldenone.
And from third week he asked me to take every alternate day which means thrice a week. And that means from third week onwards my dosage will be 900mg of test cyp and 750mg of EQ per week!!!

How good is this for a beginner like me?

Today I bought medicines to support liver and kidney also and blood tests are all good.
Will it be safe? Actually I’m kinda scared.
And I’m thinking 1650(900+750) mg gear per week means definitely I’m gonna loose my jawline also. I’m kind of scared with these dosage as I’m not an expert in this field.
Can you guys guide me please for all these… :slight_smile:


Let me guess…the person who advised you, a beginner, to take 1.65g of gear on your first cycle also just happens to be the one selling it to you. Am I right?

This is a bad idea and you absolutely should be scared. Your instinct was to trust him, and now your instinct says fear. One of those is correct.


I am never disappointed by any of your replies- direct to the point knowledgeable, and most of all helpful and useful and all done with just the right amount of edge. You really should have your own Q&A fourm.


No, he’s not a beginner. He has really a good physique and he is training others for more than 10-15 years.
I’m saying that I’m the beginner here. This is my first cycle and also first week. One shot I took on last Monday. Second shot I’m gonna take today itself. As he mentioned first two weeks it should be twice a week.
Now can you please guide me after reading the original post again. I’m kind of scared with the dosage he prescribed as I’m not sure how my body gonna react with 900mg test cyp and 750 mg Boldenone per week in my very first cycle.

I’m guessing English isn’t your first language. Totally missed it…

No. It is not. But I couldn’t find in my original post where I mentioned him as a beginner :smile:
So can you please tell me what to do now? Should I speak to him to reduce the amount?

Hi, what I’m trying to say is:
My first cycle just started and I had my very first shot of steroids on this Monday which included 550 mg of steroids (300mg of testosterone cypionate and 250 Ng of Boldenone).
According to my trainer, I have to take the same twice a week for first two weeks. That means this week and next week it would be 600mg(300+300) of test cyp and 500 mg(250+250) of Boldenone.(my ampules are 300mg/ml and 250mg/ml).
But from third week onwards, my trainer told me to take thrice a week (mon, wed, Fri) which results 300+300+300=900 mg test cyp and 250+250+250=750 mg Boldenone per week.
As a beginner, is it safe to play with this huge amount of gear(900 mg of test cyp and 750 mg of Boldenone, all total 1650 mg) on your very first cycle?
I’m not an expert, so I came here to get some guidance.
If not clear, please let me know.

((( NO ))) that should translate into any language.
You did not post your age height or weight. How long have you been lifting weights?
Are you skinny are you fat?

Not knowing any of the above a beginner should never do more than 500 T E or Tcyp mono (no other AAS) or better yet try 300mg/wk mono for 12 weeks to see how you feel on it and to see how hard it will be to get back to your natural production.
Did you do any basic blood testing to see what your normal naddy lvls are? Might be nice to know when it is time to PCT. To know if you are back to normal. You need to fire this trainer he is nothing but a drug dealer.
You questioned him knowing something was wrong. That means you are not stupid. Always trust your gut.


My man, YOU are the beginner and he advised you to run a cycle that is way too advanced for you. I don’t care what his physique looks like. When it comes to steroids the first thing you need to have worked out is that one square foot of real estate on top of your shoulders. If you don’t have the brain part down then you’re setting yourself up for failure. The person who is advising you to do this is dangerous to your health and is no friend to you.


Was he the person who sold you the gear?

I wish I had a trainer who had sweet hook ups on gear like this…

Alright lot of what I want to say has been covered but I will recover a few things in my own words. You never know what might actually get through to the OP.

First, your first cycle should only be testosterone there are a bunch of reasons but the big ones are, your body is already use to testosterone so find out how it likes 5 times the natural level. Second find out how to manage the sides from the most basic of steroids first. Now basic doesn’t mean not powerful. In fact you will be blown away with a testosterone only cycle. There is a reason the pros keep using testosterone as their base when they stack. It’s great stuff on it’s own!

Second you are correct in worring about the dosage this trainer recommends. It is way to high! Just stick with testosterone at 500mgs per week.

Now you should have done a lot of research before you started but I will give you some info in a condensed presentation. Out there in the world of steroids there are three main kinds of sources or grades of steroids. First is human grade, the kind you go and buy YOURSELF from a legitimate pharmacy. Second is veterinary grade steroids, still good and usually accurately dosed. Third is Under Ground Laboratory grade also known as UGL. These can be anywhere from just as good as human grade all the way to cleaning chemicals sold as steroids. Their labeled dosage can not be taken as 100% accurate. They are usually pretty close to the label if they are a reputable lab.
Now when you go and start your research you are going to see people recommend dosages like your trainer. That is because they are using UGL steroids that are sometimes only 50% of the labeled dosage. The label says 250mgs but really you get 125 mgs. Your trainer is either just not concerned with your long term health or he is use to using gear that is underdosed. He might have started using gear that is underdosed then switched brands and now is using accurate dosed gear. He didn’t realize the dosage was off or he didn’t realize all those sites online recommending high doses were off because of underdosed gear.

You stated your gear comes in ampules. There are UGLs out there selling ampules but usually the UGLs sell 10ml bottles. Without knowing how your gear got to you I can not say if what you got is human grade or UGL not to mention if it is accurately dosed. If it is accurately dosed you should NOT take three ampules a week. Even if it is underdosed two ampules of just the testosterone per week should be more than enough for you to get great results. Plenty of guys did just 250mgs per week for 10 weeks for their first cycle and got great results!

Just for your information usually the steroid dealers insist that ampules are human grade. The thing is that when a UGL starts making steroids they might not get customers so instead they make their stuff look like human grade brands. So even if your ampules say Watson or phizer or Bayer on them there is no way to know if it is a fake. Usually if the UGL makes fake name brand steroids they try to make them as accurate as possible so they can charge you like it is human grade and you will come back to buy more.

I am willing to bet your trainer is going to tell you the ampules he sold you are human grade. I will say this again, the only way for you to know you bought human grade is to buy it YOURSELF from the pharmacy. Also since he sold you boldenone aka equipoise in ampules that right there tells you his stuff comes from an UGL. Equipoise was never released as an approved human drug in any country. It was always a veterinarian drug for horses. It’s good stuff and I like it but it was only ever made legally for horses.

Now you didn’t say anything about an aromatase inhibitor. Your trainer has you on 1.65 grams of compounds that get broken down into estrogen in your body. Lots of guys never have issues with extra estrogen. Since this is your first cycle you don’t know if you are going to have issues. The three main kinds of aromatase inhibitors are arimidex, aromasin and femara. Those are brand names go look up their compound names. Chances are you will be ok if you just run 500mgs of testosterone per week. However I would advise you get one of those aromatase inhibitors just in case you start having issues. Try to get aromasin or arimidex. Femara is heavy duty and bad on your cholesterol so only get it if you can’t get the others. At 500mgs a week of testosterone I would think that half of a 1mg arimidex tablet would be a good dose to take on the day you inject the test. Half a tablet equals 0.5 mgs. Aromasin usually comes in 25mg tablets, again half of that or 12.5 mgs on the day you inject testosterone should be good. The aromatase inhibitors attach to the enzyme that turns testosterone into estrogen. If the aromatase inhibitor attached to the entire then the enzyme can not turn the testosterone into estrogen.

Just so you know we do need some estrogen in our bodies. It does lots of things but for our concerns you can not build and grow muscles without some estrogen. The key is keeping low enough that you don’t have issues.

I also noticed you never mentioned PCT or Post Cycle Therapy. You take a SERM for that. The main two SERMs are Nolvadex and clomid. Read up on them. If you do not already have one of those then you need to get one as in once you read this go order it. Chances are it will take weeks to get to you so order it NOW! Also order the arimidex or aromasin, you don’t want to grow tits from the extra estrogen.

I don’t know where in the world you are but there is a third SERM called raloxifene. I dont know anything about it except it’s name. If that is all that is available then get it.

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Great advice to this person I only saw one thing I wanted to touch on

I think what you said about a good chance of not even needing an AI at 500 a week is probably accurate. Altho if you do use an AI or feel you need one I’d strongly suggest starting at 0.125 or 0.25 max on Injection day especially if your only using 250mg x2 weekly. Ofcourse you can always increase but better to start small

Now if you go and run that mega cocktail of juice your dope man or trainer whatever you wanna call him suggested you do your are gonna need a lot more. How much I don’t even have a clue