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Need Help Finding Something That Works

Hey guys. I have been trying to get dialed in with Defy Medical now for several months. They seem knowledgeable and most of my numbers seem good, but I am having more sexual dysfunction then prior to starting and I have no idea why. Firstly I have been taking 200mg/ml .25ml three times a week and 350iu of hcg three times a week, along with a compounded .125mg anastrazole three times a week. I am posting my labs as well but they again don’t seem horrible to justify how I feel. I have had a few days here or there where I had libido and decent erection quality but for the most part I have had no libido at all. Even before trt or on every other protocol I have been on I have Been able to manually with some work stimulate an erection and for sex I’d take a 10mg cialis and it would work well even when libido wasn’t great. Lately I have not been able to hardly get one even with cialis and I have no idea why. E2 is in the 30s but that’s on an off day for shots. Could it be the hcg? Or the anastrazole even though it’s a low dose? The Dr at Defy wants to focus on lowering e2 a little more as he said it may be a little high on days of shots. I’m not experiencing fluctuations between days so I don’t think that’s it. He recently changed my protocol to .23 ml of test and keeping hcg and anaztrazol where it’s at to slightly drop e2 a little more. As my test was 1150 on last lab. I’m looking for some insight on what to discuss with the dr because I know I’m only two weeks in Om this new change but the only change was literally .002ml Of test and I still seem to be trending the wrong way… my wife and I are pregnant which was the reason to keep hcg but I do like not having the tight uncomfortable scrotum. I wander if I could up test and lower hcg to a point where I can keep them working but not spike e2 to where I could eliminate anastrazole all together. I have also discussed dht cream with the dr as it is on the low side even with high test… any input would be appreciated

I see you scratched your name off of the lab sheets buts its in the file name at the top of the image. You may want to address that.
Also, your pics are too small to read

Yeah I just saw that haha. Thanks for letting me know. If you click on the image it doesn’t blow it up? It does on my phone.

Not enough to read

I can read it, and still read the name through the scribbles, lol.

In any case. I’ve always been a big believer in starting one drug at a time.

For most guys this looks like 120-150mg/week of test C or E. No AI, No HCG.

Give that 6-8 weeks, then experiment with changing the dose or adding another compound (one thing at a time).

It’s the only way to systematically know how each compound affects you.

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Thanks I marked through the name better lol appreciate the feedback

Even with just test I was inconsistent in results but due to fertility I had no choice but to incorporate hcg

Did you do test without arimidex?

How is your sleep, diet and exercise? Do you drink alcohol?

So let me address your question, Defy has a good rep but every Dr is different. You sure as hell dont need E2 control at that dose and Test levels.

Here is a pic of one of my labs with very high Test and E2 and I feel great and my libido and erection quality is great and I’m 55.

My advice would be to stop the Adex and let things settle out for a while.

Well in all fairness at higher e2 numbers I was having severe Ed that eased up some as I slightly lowered e2. I think the AI is because of the large amounts of hcg I take

Sleep is not good. I wake up several times a night. Diet is ok but not always great. I do drink some but socially not hardcore or everyday. This test was with the AI

What have you tried to fix your sleep? That’s a big one.

I haven’t tried anything. I have pssd from antidepressants so have been hesitant to try much.

I’m open to suggestions though… zquil or melatonin or something?

Start with melatonin. 0.5mg half hour before bed. You can taper up if you need to but not so much you’re groggy in the morning.

Read a book for a half hour before bed waiting for the melatonin to kick in. No screens in that time.

Don’t eat a huge meal before bed.

I would also limit screen time I general to less than 2 hours per day. If that’s not possible with work, then give yourself a break every hour to get up and move around.

See how it goes.

Also likely high estrogen. If you get lousy boners with high E2, sleep will likely be off as well. My experience.

You killed your estrogen. Libido slightly improving is due to hormone fluctuation after adding AI. Soon as things balance out, with the new low estrogen all libido will be gone.

When you sleep you usually get erections throughout the night, it’s no different than going to the gym and working out your muscles, you erections are getting a workout when you sleep, but you’re not sleeping and this is a libido/erection killer.

HCG is a known libido killer for some men.

How have I killed my estrogen? It registered at 32 just two weeks ago in labs?

Yeah I wake up some with a slight erection. But it mainly feels like I just have no sexual desire so I can’t even masturbate… it just doesn’t get aroused…