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Need Help Finding Root Cause of My Low T

Hey guys, Im 24 and have been experiencing the symptoms of low T. Slight depression, fatigue and loss of motivation. Ive attached some blood work to see if taking nolvadex could help in my situation. I have taken cycle of Test E in the past followed by a nolva/clomid pct like 3 years ago. Also Ive taken my body temps and they are good in the morning and in the afternoon
Height: 6’1
Weight: 190 LBS

Blood work

LH 3.7 IU/L RANGE 1.0-7
FSH 2.3 IU/L RANGE 1.0-8

Your Total T and Free T are both well below midrange, Free T3 scraping along the bottom of the ranges. The majority of the time the root cause for low testosterone is unknown, it’s thought to be caused by living in a world full of pesticides, processed foods and chemicals affecting something downstream of the pituitary gland.

Most never find out why their testosterone is low and even if you found the cause, there’s no guarantee you could do anything to correct it.

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