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Need Help Finding an Article, Please

i read these a while back and wanted to read them again. can anyone help?

ok so the first article is about leg training and they state that bigger legs equals bigger chest due to testosterone increase and how leg training is critical to overall body development.

the other article i am looking for is explaining what that burning sensation is (lactic acid buildup) and the misconceptions of what it actually is and it explains what that burning sensation actually is and does. then there was an article about marathon runners i believe or of that sort or something about runners and lactic acid. i know this is vague but im hoping someone will know what i am talking about

Use the “SEARCH” feature… when you find these articles, do what I do and print them out… I have a literal book o fthe articles I like and reread off this site.

i tried the search but i cannot find it. i tried google searches too. does anyone remember these articles distinctly?

The human body is a finely-tuned machine that will only allow for a certain amount of asymmetry. Therefore, if you devote your training energies solely to building big arms, you’d eventually reach a point of total stagnation because you weren’t training your legs. In other words, no wheels, no wings! Furthermore, if arms grew without some sort of concurrent development in the legs, most bodybuilders would have to walk on their hands.

Used google search engine with following keywords: “charles poliquin” big legs and then searched for the word legs within the article until I hit the paragraph above.

any thoughts on the other article regarding lactic acid?

Possibly one of these two:

Some years ago before finding T-Nation, I read books/papers by Mc Roberts, Kubik, Strossen, McCallum etc. These authors consider Squat as the main exercise for the whole body. In particular the following combination:
Squat 20 reps (heavy weight, breathing technique) followed by straight arm db pullover (light weight 20 reps) followed by Bench press, was regarded as an effective method to bulk the upper body and of course the legs. You may find the combination Squat + pullover in previous issues No227 “The Bulk building routine” by Ian King.

None of the old links work anymore. You will have to search for all the articles you bookmarked. I’m not sure how long it will take google to propogate the articles either with the rerelease of the site.


You can use the “cached” link on the google searches for now. The links should be updated during the next “google dance.”