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Need Help Finding a Program


I need help picking a cutting program, but before anyone throws anything out I’ll give some background info.

I tried my first bulk last year with some poor planning and a 6 day per week PPL program. I ran it from July basically through November with some decent size gains and strength gains, but I ran into issues with injuries due to the volume of it. So I took the month of December off to heal up and started lifting again in January. I maxed to start and had a 230 bench, 350 squat, and 405 deadlift. I bought the book bigger leaner stronger by mike Matthews and gave it a go for a month while cleaning up my diet, but honestly got bored. I understand the 3-4 minutes rest between the main lift but doing that for the accessory stuff makes me feel like I’m not working hard. I enjoy hard workouts and though I feel my strength is slowly progressing I just do not feel that I am enjoying my training. My goal was to eat at maintenance calories for a month while training and adding some sprint work and then begin to cut. So now I am stuck.

What would be a good program for me to run while trying to cut for the first time?


High volume on your lifts, and add some hiit/stairstepper to your routine. High volume promotes nitrogen retention on a cut, and also will use up allot of the carbs in your system.

Only do large rests between working sets on compound exercises you are trying to improve on.

Beyond that I’d need to know more to say anything with certainty