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Need Help Figuring Out Where To Start

My name is Bill

I m just getting into the whole workout lifestyle

i want to know where to start when i get to the gym. I have no clue!!!

If anyone has any tips of advice on supplements,powders, fat burners things that enhance the process but not something im gonna get addicted to just a boost they can give me that would be awesome.

Im trying to lose some of the gut

i have really strong legs from riding bikes. im thinking of like a total body workout. But really trying to just lose some wright and tone what muscle i have.


P.S. Sorry for the hard to read typing im new to forums also

Since you’re new to lifting, read the Lifting for Newbies articles by Coach Thibs. Then read all the basic nutrition articles in the “Are You A Beginner II” thread.

Don’t even start on supplements, powders, fat burners, etc… go buy some Grow! from the Biotest store and that’s it.

For a lifting program - Starting Strength.

Learn the basics and build a strong base.

Training for Newbies, part 1:

Training for Newbies, part 2:

Are You A Beginner II

Thanks man ill rad up on that

i really;y appreciate the help

in between all that reading ,get on you-tube and check out vids of bench press , squat , a couple different rows and military press…all basics . nothin’ fancy .

then go practice the movement with bare-bar . purpose being to learn the movement , not adding weight .

if possible , vid yourself and compare to what you see on you-tube.

spend the supplement money on food

x2 on looking into starting srength.

read some of this guy’s articles-Dan John gives a ton of tested, effective advice. Lessons from Southwood has a solid beginners program in it.