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Need Help Figuring Out a Cycle

I am 20 years old. 5ft 10" i weigh 172 lbs. i have been lifting for around 3 years. I used to weigh 190lbs about four years ago. I dropped down to 140 and within the last year climbed back to 172lbs. I am in fairly descent shape. I have just a little body fat. I am beginning to take testosterone E on this coming monday. I would like to know what suggestions would be appropriate for me as far as stacking goes and the amount of test e to start off with.

I need some assistance in putting an efficient cycle together. This is my first time using test e. i am wondering if i need to loose anymore weight or if i will be fine. Also would it be proper to diet or eat regularly. My goal is to gain as much definition and get as big as ii can within my first cycle. Please help me out with suggestions for most efficent results. I have no issue spending two hours a day at the gym day after day.

Thanks guys

read the cycle planning sticky, that’ll tell you everything

To get as big as you can you will have to eat a surplus of calories.
To get defined you will have to lose BF which is a deficit of calories.

I would use half the cycle on a ‘bulk’ phase eating clean but large amounts of food.
Use the last half as a ‘cut’ phase, since it seems you do not have the time for a lean bulk.


I’d say spend a little more time researching how to run a cycle before starting.

  1. You way to young. Seriously…
  2. You dont know enfough to run AAS properly.

That being said…

Test E 500mg/week for 8-10 weeks is good for your first cycle. If you insist on stacking id stick with something simple Dbol 20mg/ED for a month or some Decca 300mg/week
you will need to run an AI Adex .25EOD or Aromasin 10-20mg/week
PCT wait a week or 2 after last shot run

Clomid 100/100/50/50
Novla 40/40/20/20