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Need Help, Feeling DB Bench Press in Arms Not Chest

Hi guys, so a couple weeks ago I could db press 40kg for 5x12 all well and good, nothing changed some then with diet etc but suddenly I’m really shaky and can only get 34’s up for 7-8, feels like the weight falling onto my arms rather than chest, any suggestions on things to change or what might of changed in my form or something? Know it’s a bit difficult without knowing what my form looks like but i haven’t changed anything so just a bit odd

Assuming you’re not dehydrated, you’re probably fatigued.

Next week, hit one set of 5 with a weight that makes the last rep feel a bit slower than the reps before it on everything. That is, all the reps should look the same except the last one which should looks pretty much the same.

Then come back strong the follpwing week.

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