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Need Help - Explosive on Power Clean


Anyone know how to become more explosive on power clean ? specially on second pull ?

  • High speed movement with very low weight ?
  • Heavy pull ?


Hi there,

Hang cleans help a lot, since you don’t have the opportunity to create momentum and therefore have to generate the maximum amount of force over the minimum distance. Most programmes would have you do them with ~80% of your 1rm since this will allow you to focus on technique without killing yourself, but is heavy enough to ensure you have to put some oomph into it.

I don’t think heavy pulls would hurt either as long as you focus on keeping the right positions and focus on the explosive second pull.

These things take time, speed/power doesn’t come overnight, so just keep gradually increasing the poundages/volume and you will become faster with time.

Definitely takes time to get the hang of.

Whats your front and back squat?

What weights are you shifting at the moment?

Weighty1 80% x 3reps x 4-5sets is a good %. If your form is ‘good’ then go heavier and do doubles and singles but if your form is breaking down a lot due to a lot of arm pulling then doing singles won’t help you at all.


Thank you for your answers !

FSquat: 2x102 kg, PClean: 3x90 kg, PSnatch: 75 kg, for 75 kg BW :frowning:

[quote]LordWolfz wrote:
Thank you for your answers !

What weights are you shifting at the moment?

FSquat: 2x102 kg, PClean: 3x90 kg, PSnatch: 75 kg, for 75 kg BW :frowning:

Can’t complain with those numbers!

I FS 170kg, but only PC 130kg, your % are much better then mine! And I’ve been competiting for 9yrs!

Your technique must be fairly reasonable with your numbers as your not hugely strong relative to your PC and your PS is okay.

I’d focus on upping your FS numbers for say 6-8 weeks and do the OLIfts once or so a week and work technique on another session to iron out a few things.


the best way to isolate the second pull and work at improving your speed through the ‘middle’ of the lift is to work from blocks if you have them - if not then going from the hang works.

it’ll help because you don’t have to worry about the first pull at all, just focus on

  1. pulling HARD and FAST from right off the blocks/bottom of the hang
  2. finishing fully extended - hard shrug and hip extension
  3. pull yourself under that bar as fast as you can.

remember to keep the bar as close to your body as possible through the whole lift… if it’s too far away from your body before the ‘brush’ then it’ll likely hit your thighs and swing out like a reverse curl.


Work your second pull on boxes!!! Power clean is an exercise used to improve ur second pull during a clean… i dont understand why u need to improve ur power clean… if u have knee problems and can only do power clean, its all good…if not suck it up and work on ur full clean… use power cleans to help…and do variations from boxes… like power clean on the box…or full clean on the boxes…and I cant forget from the hang…this will improve ur second pull even more…by second pull i hope u mean the pull above the knees… if u pause above ur knees its not a proper lift… anywasy try doing them from the hang above or below the knee… simple question simple awnser