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Need Help Dialing in my Snacks


I am just looking for some help with getting my snacks dialed in. I have got lunch and breakfast down nicely, dinner is typically whatever my wife is making but she is doing a great job of keeping things clean. My two snacks feel really lacking in a protein source though. Right now snack 1 is a piece of fruit and a peanut butter clif bar (addictive) and snack 2 is 1 oz of almonds.

I am comfortable with the fruit and almonds but the clif bars I feel really need to go. I am trying to find something new to substitute for the clif bars with whole food. Any suggestions for good whole food snacks?


Make some Beef Jerky


Depends what you mean by snack. You could bake protein brownies/cookies with low carbs, stevia, whey powder, coconut etc. You could bake your own protein bars. You could carry food around with you (like many do) - boiled eggs, cooked chicken, rice, quinoa, sweet potato, cashews, are some of the things I bring with me daily to work, and they count as snacks/meals. Anything wrong with bringing whey with you and making a shake on the go?