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Need Help Dialing In Anastrozole

31 years old
6 foot 1
235 pounds
12-14 percent body fat

Due to various reasons, my testosterone levels were low and showed no improvement. My doctor put me on 200mg Cypionate per week divided into two 100mg injections. I was also prescribed 0.5mg Anastrozole every other day. (Let me say that I realize 200 is too much, but I like it and I would like to get my AI dose squared away and keep my T dose the same)

Bloodwork inbetween injections showed Total T around 1300-1400.

I started feeling hotter than usual, sweating a lot a more, and felt a lot of anxiety.

I went and got the “Estradiol Sensitive” lab work done and I have driven my E2 far too low.
6.8 with a reference range of 8.0-35.0

Here’s my question. And this is based on the fact that I used to abuse steroids in my early through mid twenties and I know that I required an AI even on “smaller” doses of test around 250 or so otherwise I would get really tender nipples and hold water.

1.) How many days should I stop the AI?

2.) When i resume the AI, at what dose should it be?

Also, one more thing, my hematocrit and liver values and everything else was very normal and in range.

Thanks a lot guys.

200mg weekly is too much for most people. 100-120mg would probably work better. Then you could drop the AI completely. Try that for 6-8 weeks and you should be feeling a bit more tuned in. Then check bloods and see where you stand. I don’t use an AI anymore they cause too much trouble mostly crashing e2 too low.

If you are intent on keeping it at 200mg weekly then have some Nolvadex on hand and wait for any symptoms. That’s what I do now and lot of others on the board. Works a lot better without AI side effects.

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I aromatise easily, and I use 200 mg of test C or Enanthate for TRT. My test level is lower than yours at this dose, and I’m 270 lbs and I am sure more than 12% BF. I use 1/4 anastrozole twice a week, and my E2 is around 18. I think that less would be better, which means I need to dissolve it into vodka and get a dropper. Less is more. If you need it, use it, but less is more.

How long have you been at this range. Low e2 causes a whole shitload of bad problems. My E2 was 18 and I fucked over a year of my life because of it.


Same here mate. Probably lost 2 years messing with numbers . 18 sounds low I’d have problems at that reading.

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I am currently finishing a Clomid restart attempt, as my problem is not strictly normal but possibly secondary from hypoparathyroidism. I have noticed positively zero difference from an E2 of 124 vs 8 and everywhere in between. 18 is not ideal, but I don’t notice any negative sides at all. Long term I would want it higher because of statistics, but not how it makes me feel.
On a side note, I was a competetive strength athlete with low T, I didn’t know that it was low at the time and my Doc didn’t either, as it was “within range”. Barely.

I guess at this point I am going to continue on with my Test Cyp dose and not use any Anastrozole and restest in a couple of weeks

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Or would stopping the anastrozole for a week or so, and then resuming at half the original dose be a better idea?

That is what I did. I went a little more aggressive in reducing the AI hoping I could get with it. I ended up high again. I was taking 1mg a week now at .5mg a week and feeling really good.

I would not of even taken it until 6-8 weeks was over and decide then. During that time you’ll have all types of ups and downs but it will stabalize. Nipple sensitivy for instance always high e2.

Before then you can figure it out if you have crazy amount of high e2 symptoms. But they might subside if you dose eod or daily. I would try the micro dosing and stay off ai. If I did need ai it would be based on symptoms and blood work backing it up.

The ai dose your on is killer bro. I’d run from anyone trying to give me 3.5mg a week. That’s a cancer patient dose isn’t it? My doc tried giving me .3mg twice a week on 200mg. I didn’t take it . I had sides but must have dissapeared 8 weeks in.

Some folks need more than 100-120. If you know your shbg and e2 levels before starting you can guess what is a good starting point.i started low and recently realized I needed closer to 200 not 100. I was miserable at 140…my e2 stayed in the 20s and I had joint pains and other issues on 140 a week. the moment I went up to 200 I felt a massive change and my joints don’t hurt anymore. It will save allot of time and pain if you have that info :slight_smile:

So don’t base your dosage on what sounds good. Try to base it on your blood work if you can.

Another option I am considering (shit I just need to pick one)

Is stopping the AI and dropping the test dose down to 100 mg per week total, and then restest levels after a while

Your total t levels don’t mean anything if your not converting to free t. You can have 1500 w low free and never feel good. Read the stickies.

Thanks for the reply bro.

To answer your question of my dose, it was not 3.5mg per week, it was 0.5 EOD, so 2mg per week on 200mg of test per week

Still allot. .6 is what they give to all clients at 200mg at my clinic. .3 for 100… they found .5 was crashing e2 left and right for many on 100 or 1mg for 200. Have you researched why everyone is saying don’t take ai?

Yes, would you suggest dropping the AI entirely and continuing on with my 200 mg test dose per week and seeing how that goes?

Just tell me what you would do if you were in my situation

Didn’ You know it is that low? Why You fucked year of life becase of it?

Joint damage from low e2. Still not 100%. but pretty close.

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Yah don’t take it. Split the dose up. 6 weeks in take bloods. If you have symptoms then sure start up. There’s more to it. Research the he boards you’ll find all the answers.