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Need Help Developing My Lagging Traps Height


Take a look at my traps height in the pictures below and it stopped growing for sometime. Well for the thickness I’d always go for heavy upright rows wide grip and for the inner thickness I’d go for close grip uprights.
For the traps height I always tried with behind neck and front shrugs during my post shoulder days. Sometimes I tried to do with wide grip front shrugs stop at the top few seconds before I continue the further reps of the sets. Need help guys with my lagging traps and really want height for my traps for my height which is 180cm/5.11ft. Much thanks for your concern about it and do let me know about the workout for this types of lagging muscle. Symmetrical advices are also much recommended! :sweat_smile:


i’ve been taking CT’s advice and doing one arm barbell shrugs for a few months. my traps got definitely ‘’ higher ‘’. you may give it a try.


Farmers walks, as much weight as you can possibly handle for bouts of 1 min


Band pull aparts at various angles
Face pulls with multiple rep ranges
Cheat shrugs
High pulls and snatch grip high pulls
Hang cleans
Farmers walks with various loads and distances


Your traps aren’t actually lagging at all. They’re totally proportionate for your size and don’t need any extra attention. Your calves, on the other hand…


@Chris_Colucci remind me to never post a picture of me below the knees around you.


I was going to say this as well. My advice would be to train your shoulders in general. You should work your traps with upright rows, really full ROM lateral raises, face pulls, etc. and I bet they grow in tandem with your shoulders for now.


If you don’t deadlift you should. Nothing builds traps like 400 pounds


Noted!!! Btw any advices for the shoulders workout to make it look proportionate. Any effective ones? My shoulder also kinda lags though. Thanks again


Thanks man!! Will try these but what are you ment by multiple reps? :open_mouth::open_mouth::slight_smile:


My calf’s and my forearms lags the most. I’ll be much pleased if you could advice me for workouts that really works for calf’s and forearms!


@omega14 multiple rep ranges. Such as using a heavier load that allows for 10 or so reps, but also lighter weights where sets can go from 30-100 reps per set.


Hmm in a way to confuse the muscles through rep ranges. I’m absolutely gonna try this out


@omega14 nothing to do with confusion, at least with the advice coming from me. In my opinion that’s not really a thing. Multiple rep ranges because the upper back (at least in my case) responds well to both high weight and low weight stimulus.