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Need Help Developing a Diet and Exercise Routine

This morning I weigh 287 pounds, and I’m 5’11. I was an over the road truck driver for 2 years, but am now off the road to get my health in order. My diet has been eating anything I want typically, and basically starving myself and/or going no carb any time my weight would get too close to 300 pounds. I have been pretty sedentary last few years, however now I will ride my bike and walk several times a week. I’d love it if any of you could help me develop a diet and exercise plan to get down to a healthy weight. Thanks in advance!

Put down the fork and pick up some weights. When I need to lose weight I just swap a few of my normal meals for those premade salads from Wal-Mart. I also drop pop and alcohol. But you don’t need to completely drop carbs or anything drastic. Start lifting or if you have no interest in that pick up running or something and just focus on getting better at it. Its gonna suck at first. But as you get better and drop weight you’ll start to take pride in it.

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Here are a few more diet things. You do not need to count calories. But use your head. “Am I hungry or bored?”. I like to swap shit meals with easy stuff. A cup of Greek yogurt or a tortilla with peanut butter and a banana on it or microwave oatmeal or premade salads as said above.

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Hi man. First off you don’t need a personalised plan. Most plug and play plans will work for most people.
My diet advice,
Start simple and slow.
Easy less crap, eat more meat. It sounds too simple to work but it does.
Eat the same food every day. That way if the weight is not going down, you can remove something. It’s easier than counting calories.
Think about quality as well as quantity.

Great start to your exercise - gradually increase this over time. With no idea of your health or age or overall goals I’ll assume you’re otherwise okay and just want to be healthy and look better when undressed. So I’ll just point you in the direction of time tested respected programs I know of.
For your first program go simple. Strength or Strong Lifts are just that. They only work for a while though. But it’s a reasonable introduction for 3-6 months. There is the “collage edition” work out others recommend highly. I’ve not used it so can not comment. 531 has a beginner programme as well. I’ve not used that. But I have used other 531 programmes.
So there are 4 really good options.
I hope I’ve helped.


Ignore my previous post


My original opinion stands… your 287lbs and have been sedentary for years as you put it. So walking will be a very very good option.

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Really don’t feel like that’s the attitude to take away from it but alright.

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Sorry about that had a brain seizure . ( in retrospect maybe I didnt)

just to avoid any miss understanding … could you clarify what was wrong with my thoughts that the OP should not consider running at this stage?

Not sure I know any professional who would suggest a man of the OP weight and previous activity level to pick up running out of the gate. Or am I misinterpreting?

Yeah start lifting, this below a good start and read a bunch of Dan John’s other articles, Waterbury templates good for leaning out also…


And eat real food. Like stuff you cook yourself.

Doesn’t have to be all the time, but I’m guessing as a OTR you lived off that stuff. You gotta break that habit, and that’s not an easy thing to do for most.

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Please don’t take up running at 287 lbs. Your knees and ankles will thank you.

Start building appropriate eating habits. Start by reducing the obvious crap, ideally to zero. In an ideal world, your diet should be lean meat, vegetation and water. Move towards that for now.

Do some exercise. Find something that motivates you, whatever it is. Ideally one that won’t beat your joints up too much. Running is probably a bad choice. Swimming is probably a good choice. Ideally, you should lift some weights. I don’t think it matters too much at this point what you do, as long as it’s not totally idiotic.


I guess the thing to do is tell him to be a pussy. By pick up running I did not mean sprints. At that weight the guy is most likely gonna jog at best. My suggestion would be to pick a distance and improve time on it until it is a full run. Almost everyone will do better with a performance based goal instead of just lose weight. You ever see a tub of lard run a 6 minute mile? I haven’t. It might start out at 15 minutes (basically a walk) Obviously weights are the best option but the op expressed no desire in the original Post to lift weights specifically. His only goal were exercise, lose weight and eat better. So to the op your fucking ankles will not fall apart, you will not break, you’ll mostly likely be fine. And to the other guys, better not squat either by that logic bc your knees might fall the fuck apart. Just my 0.02

So I guess Jim W was a big pussy also since he did a
Walking program he called pot smoker when he was done with power lifting and wanted to drop weight and get back in shape. Curious may I ask your resume in lifting or general fitness since you tile offense to being contradicted.

My whole thing was anyone should attempt to advance at something not just be content. To have some performance based goal. But im not gonna change your mind and you’re not gonna change mine. I just don’t feel like “you shouldn’t push yourself” is the right advice to give. Being content just walking without trying to advance is not the way to go, I don’t care if Jesus himself said it. As far as my resume it’s not great. I wrestled in high school. I did bjj and boxed for 3 years after that while lifting weights on and off. Now im getting ready for my first powerlifting meet (looking at around a 1250 total).

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Thanks for sharing.
I was just curious

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What kind of trailer did you pull?

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I think the difference is, you’ve clearly been some degree of physically active your entire life. You could probably take off a decade from any kind of lifting, and have the muscle memory to pick it back up with relative ease. Its sounds like this guy is starting from complete scratch, with a very bad start. I can only imagine moderate to severe joint pain, and abhorrent posture.

OP: the gist is, start doing SOMETHING. If walking is fairly taxing, do it until it’s not. If jogging is taxing, do it until it’s not. Etc. Find something you ENJOY doing, and make it a point to get good at it. You’re in like, the OG lifting forum, so a lot of people are going to tell you to start lifting. I am too. But start where you’re comfortable.

Give us some more details. How are your joints? Is moving easy, or hard? Are you simply overweight, but otherwise mobile and want to thin down? Do you want to gain strength? Significant amounts, or respectable amounts? What’s your short term goal (think 6 months to a year) what’s your penultimate goal after everything is said and done?

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Thanks for all the suggestions guys! I’m 30 years old, and I have been heavy all my life. I had a blood panel done, and my testosterone was very low, and have some issue with my thyroid I didn’t know about. So, in order to see if I can avoid possibly being dependent on TRT for the rest of my life I’m trying to get this fat off of me. May start a synthroid for the thyroid. My goal is to lose weight and rebuild my T, so whatever exercise you all think would be best I’m wanting to hear it. I’m looking into the strength and 531 suggestions also. I joined Planet Fitness last night, and will ride my bike there to start get started on this journey. I think my biggest obstacle will be getting myself disciplined in what I eat. Wish me luck.

@ChickenLittle I pulled reefers

Eating is without a doubt the toughest part for most when they start. I whole heartedly recommend 5/3/1, my joints haven’t felt this good since high school, however, it is possible to be “too weak” for 5/3/1. Some of the percentages dont workout properly when the weight is light. Also, while you can (and probably will) lose weight doing anything, 5/3/1 isnt the best program for it. That part of the journey is up to you. I’m assuming if you’re interested in that program, you have at least a passing interest in strength. Get moving, get used to the routine and activity. If you find something so boring or just hate you’d rather just skip the gym altogether, stop doing it. The best workout is the one you’re actually going to do without hurting yourself. That’s not an excuse to just do the easy stuff, but find a balance. If you have a hard time standing up, then you need to learn how to squat, and yeah, you’re probably not going to like. So add something else you find fun in the workout to give you a reason to suffer through the squat. (This is just an example, I have no idea if it directly applies to you)

Make it a point not to miss a scheduled day for 3 months. Under any and all circumstances, even if you just drive there, do one workout, and leave. Make it a point to be in there everytime you originally planned on it. Itll do wondered for your discipline.

My diet sucks ass, so I’m not going to pretend to give you advice on that one, but I can say, dont do everything at once. Start narrowing down what’s good for you one week at a time.


Thanks, will keep ya posted!