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Need Help Designing a Routine

I am a 30yo male weighing 63.5kg (140lbs), 5’6 in height. I have been training for a few years now. My story is at :

To summarise in April 2007 my PB’s were as follows:
Chest Press: 50kg x 3 for 1 set
Squat: 70kg x 4 for 1 set
DL: 100kg x 1 for 1 set
Skull crushers: 25kg x 5 for 1 set

Now, just over 1 year on, my PB’s are:
Chest Press: 62.5kg x 3 for 2 reps
Squat 90kg x 1 for 1 set (I usuallly now rep in the 75 - 80kg range for 6 reps)
DL: 120kg x 1 x 1 (I usually rep 100kg now for about 4- 6 reps)
skull crushers: 27.5kg x8 for 4 sets (PB - 30kg)

However, I have got quite stale in my routine and I need some help to design a new one which will help me to bulk up and increase my lean body mass.

I have access to a free weights studio and a reasonably good gym, so I should be able to do most exercises.

Can you guys help me build up a routine to increase lean muscle mass? I prefer using free weights, but previous attempts at designing a routine have been unbalanced and I would like some help please.

Many thanks in advance.

Check out the “Ripptoes Starting Strength” thread on here.

You~ “bulk up and increase my lean body mass”

That’s dependant on your diet; eat clean and eat more.

Yes, “starting strength” or “ABBH” should be good. More than anything, eat and get your strength up.