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Need Help Deciding on Next Cycle


So im trying to gain mass while losing a little body fat. Im deciding between deca dbol test and keep calories not to high. Or Masteron test tren. My third was to do deca test dbol for first 10 weeks then 6 weeks of masteron tren test. I dno if thats over kill. Any suggestions?


Too little info like what have you done before, if anything, where are you at now, as a start....


weeks 1-8 test prop
125mg a week with every injections

weeks 1-8tren ace
525mg a week with everyday injections

weeks 1-4 Dbol
50mg every day

weeks 1-8 Adex
.25mg EOD for weeks 1-4 then E3D or E4D after Dbol is stopped

weeks 1-8 Caber
.5mg 2x a week

pct 3 days after last injection
nolva 40/40/20/20

I think that would be a good cycle.


im about 14 percent 195 pounds 5'9 u think I should get tri tren test pro blend with some dbo?


Not trying to be a dick, but do you take pride in how unintelligible your posts are?


I typed on phone sorry


Does your phone not have '.' and ',' buttons?


Yeah I like that too.. Not for the guy that opened this thread, but I think I might do that in October.


I don't think tri-tren would be great...it's like the sustanon of tren, and sustanon is an inferior compoud.

I would advise you to stay simple and use only short estered or only long estered compounds (preferrably short).


Cool, thanks alot. So you think if I had masteron in.cycle I wouldn't get as much mass?


Vtballa sry didn' mean to offend u. Maybe rather then being sarcastic you could have helped out.


You would surely gain more mass with Dbol than you would with masteron...is that what you were asking? Masteron is also one of the most expensive and therefore, forfeited compounds around.


My source has a blend with prop masteron and tren and it is on sale. So I was thinking of maybe getting and stacking with the dbol. My question was if I added masteron to cycle how would that be with a lean bulk compared to just tren dbol test? (Logged on computer haha)


I wouldnt mind cutting up but I wanted to emphasize on the mass. Gain maybe 10-15 pounds and also lose some body fat in 10 weeks


I'm not trying to be a dick, but from your posts, it's fairly obvious you're not nearly educated on AAS enough to be using yet.

Take a few hours and poke around the first 5 pages of this forum and, while you're doing some research, take note of how many "please help, I took this this this and this and now I've got gyno/ED/hair problems/recovery issues/etc.." type of threads there are.

Those threads are only here because people in your situation use gear without fully knowing what they're putting into their bodies, nor the side effects, how to prevent sides, how to deal with them if they do indeed pop up, etc.

Do YOURSELF the favor of spending some time doing research to make your own educated decision what to use. I know you're itchin' to start, but really, do you think one (or more) of those nasty sides mentioned above are worth beginning 3 weeks sooner?

There are a handful of threads that are stickied at the top of the forum... they're referred to as the 'stickies', begin by reading those threads and then you'll probably be able to not only come up with your own cycle, but be able to pretty much answer all of your own questions. If you still have questions at that point, you will get MUCH better answers to them if you've shown us you've done some homework.

All that said, test and mast with an AI and a proper PCT would make a nice cycle.


I appreciate you concern. I believe I know a good amount of information just was making quick post with phone. I already have Aromasin for my AI. I was thinking I would take 12.5 a day to help with bloating with the dbol and prevent gyno.

I have alot of nolvadex for my PCT going to take 40mg a day on first 2 weeks then do 20mg a day. I don't think I am prone to male pattern baldness because I haven't noticed any loss of hair( Im assuming you would see your hair fall off, might be wrong.) I was debating on HCG to help speed up recovery. Thoughts on that would be nice. I was going to shoot ED 50mg of tren and mas and prob 100 mg of prop. I know tren is good for cutting and could be used for bulking. I read you get better results with masteron with under 10% body fat but I should still get good results. I think I just lack info on cycles. I know what all the steroids do and what they are good for (cutting or bulking) Hopefully this shows I have done research. If I left anything out please let me know all the advice I can get would be great.

Oh ya last questions I can also get a blend with winny prop tren how would this compare to mas tren prop blend? I heard winny is hard on joints thats why I was scared of that blend my elbows already crack real bad.
Considering masteron tren prop blend is mainly for cutting have you seen any good results on a lean bulk cycle?


A winny prop and tren blend? Interesting..

I have used a masteron p, tren a, and test p blend before, and I must say that I saw better results once I replaced the masteron with more tren a.