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Need Help Deciding Best Supplement

Hello everyone,

Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong section im new here and dont post much to forums. I am looking for some advice on what supplement(s) I should be incorporating into my life. For the past few months I have been working on controlling my diet and work out schedule. Currently I am 5’8’’ 160 lbs down from about 180 lbs. My current diet is 144g p / 62g f / 52g c which is pretty much exactly the same everyday. The calories are about 1350, 600 deficit from TDEE if I calculated it correctly.

I’ll include a progress photo

please let me know what you think I should start taking next , thanks!

A good sized helping of food. Take 3 times a day, with food.


At least three doses a day. Preferably four to five.


Run a 531 template, and supplement it with:

Eggs, spinach, meat, almonds, milk, fruit, and veggies. Drink lots of water, too. No pill will come to close to matching the results you’ll get doing that.

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Are the photos a progression from left to right?

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No sorry they are inversed right is starting and left-most is current

three doses of what exactly?

What should I be taking 3 times a day exactly?

is the 531 template a workout?

Food. Eat more food. Lots more.


I agree with the above posts, I’m not sure why you are putting yourself in a calorie deficit, you need a calorie surplus of quality food and adding a strength based program like the 5/3/1 mentioned would do wonders

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What’s your goal? Do you want to be big and strong? Do you not care about your physical size and just want to be in shape/fit? More context will help with advice.

Also there is no singular best supplement.

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Sorry I should’ve mentioned im looking to cut. Someone estimated my BF% to be around 18% and im looking to get down to around 12%.

If you started lifting maybe 3 times a week you’d be in decent shape pretty quickly.

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What would be the following goal?

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The end goal is to get a more ripped appearance