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Need Help Counting Calories/Macros


So i am about 88kg with 16% bf and I want to gain muscle but need some help on my diet. I can't cut bf because i don' t look very strong (yet). I want to be bigger so i need to gain but want to minimize the fat gains. According one site i need 2800 kcal for maintenance. Another site says i need 3400 kcal for maintenance. Huge difference ofcourse. The first one seemed more logical: lean body mass(lbs) * 15 ( depending on overal weight).found this on leanerbydesign.

The problem is when googling you find all different takes on the idea with all different results. So i wanted the hear how guys who have already walked my path succesfully have started to calculate their kcal and macros.



just start eating 3000 calories and watch to see how your weight changes...too much gain? lower calories....not enough gains,raise calories....

thank you ,that will be 250 dollars


Me next. Me next. I'm 85 kg and 10-12% lol

  1. Did I do my prescribed training?
    No > you're gonna get fat, be disciplined. Try better next week.
    Yes > continue to 2

2..Did I eat mainly good food?
No > be smarter about how you fuel your body - it will catch up with you. Try again next week.
Yes > continue to 3.

  1. Did I gain weight?
    No > Add some more food next week. Try better next week
    Yes > continue to 4

  2. Was it more than 2lbs?
    Yes > eat a bit less. Try better next week
    No > continue to 5.

  3. Am I progressing in my training?
    Yes > Good work, continue doing what you're doing
    No > Are you doing some fucktard* program?

    Yes > Do something that's proven to work. Try better next week.
    No > Could just be a bad week, monitor if this continues
    No > You may consider more tightly tracking your macros

  4. if you designed it yourself or you Frankenstein two (or God help you, three) programs to get the absolute best or you made a modification you are almost certainly doing a fucktard program.