Need help coming off please!!

Before I say anything, I know I screwed up…I know to have everything before you start and to plan out your cycle accordingly beforehand. I’m sure some of you will still rip me and that’s fine just please give me some advice too, Thanks. I planned a tren/dbol/test stack. The reason I got screwed up was that I was in the middle of week 2 or about week3 and I got an infection in 1 cheek and extreme irritation/soreness in the other. I could barely sit at all and I have never ever had a pain like this…now this was my first time using fina but I did have swelling and redness in the one-side so it was infected. I firmly believe it was the fina and I discontined it’s use and tried to improvise. The test I was taking with it was enanthate and have now run out because I changed my cycle a bit midway. I now need to taper down but the only test I have is cyp. I also have some deca and eq. Can I use the cyp to taper down even though it’s a diff ester or since I’m changing would it be wiser to use something a little less androgenic such as eq. Appreciate any advice.

You don’t want to come off with EQ (long lasting ester) or Deca (too suppressive).

Cy’s recovery protocol would have you injecting 100mg/wk of Test-C (which is almost identical to Test-E) and starting your Clomid.

That’s assuming you’re looking to end the cycle.

Yes, I am ending it…went from a 6 weeker to a 7 weeker because of my mishap and I’m about to start week 5.