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Need Help Coming Off Cycle

So… odd scenario here. I have always been what I feel is pretty knowledgable about gear and have helped a lot of guys I know safely begin using & cycle on & off, etc.

My new relationship I am in, my girlfriend is 100% against me using, and not to get sappy but I need to come off to keep her. Sooo… I have been using a blast/cruise method about a year. Haven’t gotten blood work done lately, but had been cruising on 400 mg a week (wanna be men’s physique competitor) so was consistently doing a lean bulk.

I need the most effective way to cycle off. What I had thought about was decreasing by 100 mg every 2 weeks until I was off just to taper off. Did not know if I needed to use clomid or nolva or something like that to kickstart my balls back up too. Need any sort of input to be able to get off the most effective way possible.
Sorry if that was scatter-brained also lol

First, and most importantly, I’d be Very cautious with any woman who issues ultimatums right out of the gate in relationship.

Is she OK with you being on TRT dose? I ask because I don’t know how successful you’d be as a men’s physique competitor 100% natty. You may be forced to choose betwix her or the sport.

Or are you looking to stop all AAS and restart your natural production with no intention of going back on any time soon?

I’d really try to sell her on the former, because I’ve read and heard that quitting for good is VERY hard to do.

But if she won’t budge and you’re willing to call it full stop, I say why delay the inevitable. Stop the 400 and do a proper PCT, which can be found by searching this forum.

Just my 2 cents man. Good luck!

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This was just it being initially brought up and it was randomly over FaceTime which was not how I wanted it to be brought up LOL but once she calms down about it & we’re in person I plan on giving her a sales pitch basically for TRT so we’ll see lol

The chances of competing in men’s physique while natty are close enough to zero that we’ll call it zero. If competition is what you’re aiming for then yeah, have the trt talk with her. Because otherwise you’re going back to a more normal existence (which is fine!).

Now what you’ve been doing probably qualifies as reckless, and it’s certainly better for your overall health if you dialed back to something a little safer. But reality is going to catch up to the two of you eventually. You’ll get her to agree to trt, you’ll do that for a while, and then you’ll want to blast again. Maybe you try to do it without her finding out, maybe you’re honest about it. But one way or the other she’s going to have thoughts and it’s unlikely they’ll be favorable. So it’s either lose her now or convince her that what you’re doing is non-negotiable. Because you’re going to use again, it’s just a matter of when and how supportive she’s going to be.

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