Need Help Choosing Assistance

Hey all.

I am going to work out 90% of my 1RM’s in the gym tonight and start 5/3/1 training next week.

My goals are to gain good strength on the main compound lifts, however I still want to try and build overall mass, particularly in the chest, shoulders and hamstrings, where I feel I am lacking the most.

I am confused on which assistance workouts to use and which days I should do them on and was hoping you guys could help.

My current (very rough) draft looks like this:

Overhead Press:
[W1](65, 75, 85) 3x5
[W2](70, 80, 90) 3x3
[W3](75, 85, 95) 5/3/1

BW Dips: 3x8
Push Ups: 2x10
Curls: 3x8

[W1](65, 75, 85) 3x5
[W2](70, 80, 90) 3x3
[W3](75, 85, 95) 5/3/1

Dumbbell Rows: 3x8
Cable Rows: 3x10
Seated Calf Raises: 3x10

Bench Press:
[W1](65, 75, 85) 3x5
[W2](70, 80, 90) 3x3
[W3](75, 85, 95) 5/3/1

Cable Tricep Pull-downs: 3x10
Cable Lateral Raises: 3x10

[W1](65, 75, 85) 3x5
[W2](70, 80, 90) 3x3
[W3](75, 85, 95) 5/3/1

Vertical Leg Press: 3x10
Seated Calf Raises: 3x10

Where should I place the assistance/hypertrophy exercises and what should I take out/replace?


If I was Jim I couldn’t possibly look at another one of these question’s without shooting myself ! Read the book—Lift some fuckinh weights—eat some fucking food, and grow—It really couldn’t be any simpler.

It’s not for me to say anything, but fuck, REALLY ?

Just do volume work after the main lift - FSL, BBB, Hellhammer’s, 5’s Pro, etc. After that, just do some light stuff - triceps, biceps, lats,lower back and abs.


Main lift
Volume work
Little stuff